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Each day there are more homes that have better equipment and more efficient electrical appliances.

We'll show you how to use the dryer more efficiently.

How can I save while using the dryer?


  • Dryers consume a lot of energy. Try to limit their use as far as possible.

  • With centrifuging in the washing machine, we will achieve that the clothes are virtually dry.

  • Select adequately the drying programme according to the fabrics.

  • Using the dryer for a final drying of the clothes after drying in air can involve significant energy savings.

  • Do not dry completely the clothes to be ironed. Leaving them wet makes ironing easier and helps save up to 20% in the drying process.

  • If you have a time restriction rate, use the dryer during the off-peak hours as often as possible. Each drying will be half the cost for you and you will be contributing to care for the environment.

  • In order to lower your electricity bill, choose high energy efficiency electrical appliances (class A, A+, A++ and A+++).

Learn more about the energy ticket for electrical appliances.


Keep your dryer in good condition; it can help you save


  • Remove from the dryer's filtres rests of cotton and fibres.

  • Level the dryer correctly to avoid noise and unnecessary vibrations.

  • Check to make sure that your clothing doesn't have objects in the pockets that could get caught in the filter, such as coins, buttons or clasps.