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Heating represents nearly half of the energy that we use in our homes. A temperature of 20º C is sufficient to keep a living space comfortable.

In the following, we give you a series of tips that can help save energy.

How can I save on heating?


  • Good insulation in the home will help take maximum advantage of heating on the chilliest days, as well as a good system which is efficient and rationalises consumption, such as boilers and radiators or the type of radiators.

  • Temperature in bedrooms can be lowered to between 3º C and 5º C degrees. If you're planning on being gone for several hours, reduce the thermostat to 15º C.

  • Do not cover radiators, and keep in mind that for each degree you raise the temperatures, energy consumption will increase by approximately 7%.

  • Air stored inside of radiators makes the transfer of heat from water to the exterior difficult. It is a good idea to empty radiators at least once per year, especially when cold season begins. When only water comes out, with no air, the purging process has been completed.

  • It's a good idea to regulate the heating temperature using the heating programme calibration.

  • Furthermore, you should bear in mind that one of the most efficient heating systems is underfloor heating.