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Hot Water

Hot Water

Hot Water

We ought to adopt respectful and efficient habits with daily water use.  In addition to a responsible use of water, this will result in energy being saved.
All you need to do is put a series of simple tips into practice.

We reveal the best tips for saving water:

  • Shower rather than bathing. Remember to turn off the tap whenever you're not using it.
  • Install buffers or flow reducers for the tap and cistern systems.
  • Use the washer and dishwasher responsibly.
  • If you wash plates by hand, use two sinks or basins.
  • Don't abuse detergent, bleach or polishing products.
  • Do not use the spray nozzle to dislodge food. Defrosting in the refrigerator is more efficient.
  • Choose plants with sustainable growth suited to the climate in which you live.
  • If you can, install a rain collector.
  • Disconnect hot water heaters for absences of more than 3 days.