Know your consumption and save on your bill.

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  • Know your consumption and save on your bill.

Know your consumption and save on your bill.


Know your consumption and save on your bill.


We introduce infoEnergía, the first energy information and advice service for Endesa clients, a pioneer, fully innovative service for clients with Endesa Energía electricity contracts and a contracted power of less than 15 kW. infoEnergía will allow you to control the electricity consumption of your household for a more efficient, rational and personalized use of electricity and thus save on your bills.

With infoEnergía you may carry out many tasks: from comparing your consumption to that of households similar to yours in your neighbourhood to know whether your consumption is efficient or not.

In addition, you may customize in an easy and simple way the information of your bill through the web

Go to and start to enjoy its advantages and benefits in your next bill.


With the infoEnergía service you will receive customized information about your consumption in you electricity bill.

Customize your bill

In infoEnergía you can customize how you want to receive your consumption information in your next bills.


You can make a high number of comparisons to your own consumptions or to the consumption of households similar to yours.


Thanks to the customized tips on energy efficiency, you will start to save on your electricity bill.

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