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Light bulbs

Light bulbs

Light bulbs

18% of the energy we consume in our homes is used for lighting. Here we give you some of the methods that will help you to save on electricity bill.

What types of bulbs are there?


  • Incandescent bulbs: the bulbs that we've had in our homes all our lives, with the oldest technology. They last the least time, and their price is also lower. Very little use is made of energy consumed. Only 5% is used for light. The rest is lost in the form of heat.

  • Halogen bulbs: output (light and electricity consumption) is slightly better than with incandescent bulbs and they take up less space for the same power. Their duration and price are slightly better than that of incandescent bulbs. New bulbs of this type are already on the market, that consume up to 40% less and provide the same quality of light.

  • Fluorescent tubes: these generally consume 80% less in order to provide the same light as an incandescent bulbs. The heat generated is also much lower. Duration, depending upon equipment installed and the type of tube, tends to be 6 to 20 times higher than that of incandescent bulbs. They take time to reach maximum light output and the number of times turned on affects them negatively. It is thus a good system for places where lights are on for extended periods of time.

  • Saving bulbs: for the same level of lighting, they save up to 80% on energy and last 8 times as long.

  • LED bulbs: a diode that emits light. Among its main advantages are low consumption, higher lifespan, smaller size, durability and resistance to vibrations. LED bulbs also lower heat emissions and do not contain mercury, which is very harmful to the environment.

What type of light bulb should I use at home?


  • If it is a light that remains on for long periods of time, such as in the living room or kitchen, the best option is fluorescent technology.

  • If the light is only on for short periods of time, such as in hallways and bathrooms, the best option is low consumption halogen bulbs (note that not all are low consumption).