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A simple daily act is all it takes to achieve large energy savings at home. Responsible consumption helps to care for environment, at the same time as it allows us to save a great deal of money.
Here we will give you a series of practical tips to save energy at home.

How can I save while using the oven?


  • Pre-heat the oven to the same temperature you're going to use for cooking. The time necessary will depend upon power and heat thermal insulation.

  • In order to avoid heat losses, check that the door is properly adjusted.

  • If you cook with the oven, avoid opening it while on. The temperature will drop by 25 to 30 degrees, which implies higher energy use. Did you know that the electric oven makes better use of energy than the gas oven?.

  • Disconnect the oven for 5 to 10 minutes prior to finalizing cooking in order to take advantage of the residual heat. While the oven looses heat, your food will have to continue cooking and you will save energy.

  • In order to lower your energy bill, choose high energy efficiency electrical appliances (class A, A+, A++ and A+++).

Learn more about the energy ticket for electrical appliances.


Keep your oven in good condition; it can help you save.


  • When cleaning, use a sponge with soapy, warm water. This will help grease to dissolve more easily.

  • Some new models incorporate mechanisms to make cleaning easier, such as removable walls; cold cleaning systems or pyrolytic self-cleaning, which cuts down on ash grease and facilitates cleaning.