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Washing machine

Washing machine

Washing machine

Nowadays, washing machines are indispensable.
Front loading washing machines make more efficient use of water: 30% less than top loading machines. The ergonomics of their design also helps to care for clothing.

How can I save while using the Washing machine?


  • Whenever possible, choose cycle programs that use cold water. The majority of the energy consumed by the washing machine (between 80% and 85%) is used in heating the water.

  • Take maximum advantage of the load capacity. To avoid extra work, optimise water use, reduce energy consumption and improve the Washing machines output.

  • Use just the right amount of detergent. Use very little fabric softener. If necessary, scrub the most difficult stains by hand or use specific products prior to putting clothes in the Washing machine.

  • Use short wash cycle programs. It isn't necessary to select long cycles when clothing isn't very soiled.

  • If you get an ecologically developed Washing machine, you'll save even more water.

  • Programme your washing machine so that washing starts at the time that's most convenient.

  • In order to lower your energy bill, choose high energy efficiency electrical appliances (class A, A+, A++ and A+++).  A class A+++ Washing machine is more expensive because it consumes about half the energy of a D class Washing machine. In the course of its useful life, this means reducing CO2 emissions by more than half a tonne. A class A +++ Washing machine can save you more than €500 on your annual electricity bill, and more than 35,000 litres of water.

Learn more about the energy ticket for electrical appliances.


Keep your washing machine in good condition; it can help you save.

  • Clean the washer machine's filters regularly to avoid deterioration.

  • Level the whasing machine correctly to avoid noise and unnecessary vibrations.

  • Clean the door seal and the inner drum using a vinegar and water solution. This will prevent humid odours and the formation of mildew.

  • Check to make sure that your clothing doesn't have objects in the pockets that could get caught in the filter, such as coins, buttons or clasps.