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  • Are you ready for
    electric mobility?



    Link:Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre el vehículo eléctricoFind out more
  • One Luz Tariff

    One Luz

    Don’t be misled with so many
    discounts on your electricity bill

    This tariff is so good
    it doesn’t need discounts
    Link:One luzFind out more

  • Register with the
    electronic billing service

    Receive your bill by email before
    your payment due date

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  • Tempo Happy Tariff

    Tempo Happy

    Choose when you want to use
    electricity at a cost of €0

    Sign up to Tempo Happy and enjoy
    an experience gift.*

    *Only for new clients of Endesa Energía.


    Link:One luzFind out more

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From here you can manage all your processes without having to register We need you to provide some details about your contracts, bills, etc.

  • Savings
    during Happy hours

  • Personalised
    You choose

  • Flexible
    change whenever you want

  • No minimum-term commitment

Tempo Happy

For the first time ever, you can choose the hours in which you won’t pay for your electricity consumption!


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