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  • Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Company Identification

General information for purposes of Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11 on information society and electronic commerce services.

Registered name of the service provider in the information society:

ENDESA ENERGÍA SA, Single-shareholder Company

Registered address: Calle Ribera del Loira Número 60 Madrid- 28042

Registered at the Commercial Registry of Madrid: Volume 12797, Page 208, Sheet number M-205381

Tax identification number: A-81948077

E-mail address:




Use of this website gives the user the condition thereof, expressing full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions published by ENDENSA ENERGY SA (henceforth Endesa) at the moment in which you access the website, notwithstanding acceptance of the specific conditions that may result applicable in each case.

Any use different from that authorized is expressly prohibited, and Endesa has the right to deny or remove Web access and use, at any time, and without prior notification, for those users who fail to comply with these general conditions or the specific conditions that, as the case may be, result applicable.

infoEnergía is a service intended for use by titleholders of electricity contracts with Endesa Energía. Pursuant to Article 79.3 of Royal Decree 1955/2000, “the supply contract is personal and the titleholder thereof shall be the effective user of the energy". Endesa shall not be liable for access to the infoEnergía service by other individuals other than the titleholder or authorised user of the electricity supply.

  • If the infoEnergía visitor is the titleholder, they shall be able to view and edit the profile of the property in question and browse through all the infoEnergía sections.
  • If the infoEnergía is visitor is an authorised user, they shall be able to view the profile of the property for all the customer’s Endesa Energía contracts and browse through all the infoEnergía sections. The same behaviour applies as to the role of authorised users on




Endesa reserves the right to modify these conditions unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice. In these cases, modifications will be published and made known as far in advance as possible.

Likewise, Endesa reserves the right to unilaterally modify the website's presentation and configuration, at any time and without prior notice.



The website has been designed and programmed according to international accessibility techniques and guidelines, which make its use possible for all types of users, including those with some type of disability.

That's why the website has been developed in compliance with the W3C's (World Wide Web Consortium's) WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Guidelines for Accessible Content in Web 1.0 The layout has also been based upon the WC3's Recommendation regarding Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2 (CSS2), and the recommended standard in HTML code use was used, verifying the HTML 4.01 Transitional recommendation.


Website Accessibility and Use

Web access and use is free for the user and does not require any type of previous registration for general users. However, it is possible that access to and use of certain information and services offered through the Website may only be possible following registration.

The User promises to make wise use of their username and password and not to make these available to third parties, as well as to communicate to Endesa in the shortest time possible loss, robbery or any access risk occurring because of a third party.

The user is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of all data he or she enters in the website, independent of the technology used. The user also declares to have all the necessary permissions regarding the data accessed and to have consent for the use of data pertaining to third parties. Therefore, Endesa is exempt from any liability for inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect data, or for lack of consent for their use and incorporation into the website.


Content Ownership

All information on this website, including images, graphic designs or computer codes, commercial names, brands and distinctive signs, among others, is Endesa's intellectual and industrial property. Endesa exclusively exercises the rights of exploitation for the mentioned intellectual property, in any form, and in particular, the rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. Endesa does not cede totally or partially, nor does it give any type of license or authorization to users regarding intellectual or industrial property, or any other rights related to the website.

Likewise, Endesa guarantees that the content, including intellectual property content, is not illicit nor does it infringe upon applicable regulations. It therefore follows the that content of the website shall not be xenophobic, pornographic, discriminatory or racist in nature, nor in any other way conducive to violence. Furthermore, Endesa will adopt the legal measures considered pertinent to impede any type of behaviour contrary to the Law or moral conduct.

It is a considered a violation of legally protected intellectual and industrial rights to reproduce or copy, distribute, modify, cede or publicly communicate the information contained on the website, unless authorization from the holder of the corresponding rights has been obtained or, or in the case that the act is legally permitted.


Translation of Content to Catalan and English

The versions of the website in Catalan and English are for informational purposes only. If there is any discrepancy between the content of the Catalan and English versions and the original version in Spanish, the content of the latter shall always prevail.

In the case of infoEnergía (service accessed via the Website) information is only available in Spanish and Catalan. As with the Website, if there are any discrepancies regarding the content of the Catalan version and the Spanish version, the content of the latter shall always prevail.


Use of Cookies

Endesa websites use proprietary and third party cookies to improve user experience and to offer the best services.

By navigating our websites, you will be accepting the use of cookies under the conditions established in this Cookies Policy.

Cookies are small data files that the internet server sends to, and which are stored by, the device that you use to connect to our website. They are associated only with your browsers and do not on their own provide personal data. Cookies will not damage your device and are also very useful, since they help us to identify and fix errors.

You can find the steps to block cookie installation in the "Help" sections of the web pages for each browser.


Waiver of Guarantees and Liabilities

In regards to the exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities, Endesa will not be held responsible for:

  • 1. Any type of damages that may be attributed to products or services offered by third party persons or entities through the website, and in particular:
    • Non-compliance with the Law, moral conduct or good behaviour, as well as public order, or the use of products and/or services offered without diligence or incorrectly, or with aims or effects illicit or contrary to that established in these general conditions or in the conditions applicable that may result pertinent as the case may be.
    • Violation of industrial and intellectual property rights.
    • Violation of professional secrecy.
    • Infraction of the rights to honour, to personal and family intimacy and the image of persons, as well as that related to the protection of children and youth.
    • Carrying out acts of unfair competition.
    • Realization of unlawful publicity or of acts that constitute an offence or are pornographic in nature.
    • The unlawfulness or lack of truthfulness, exactitude, trustworthiness, pertinence, currentness and thoroughness of content and information conveyed to or placed at the disposal of users, including the information and services provided by third parties or by users on the website.
    • Non-compliance or erroneous compliance, or termination for any reason, of contracts made with third parties for the provision of services through the website.
    • The incompetence of any User, or the impersonation of the User by a third party, effectuated by the User themselves.
  • 2. Endesa will be held responsible solely for its own services and content, directly originating from it and marked with its brand Copyright or as its intellectual or industrial property.
  • 3. Any types of damage arising due to knowledge on the part of non-authorized third parties regarding the class, conditions characteristics and circumstances of the use made by users of the website and the services it offers.
  • 4. Any types of damages arising due to the existence of errors in website use or access, as well as in access or use of its services or content, although a commitment is made to avoid, update and rectify said content. That is to say, responsibility is excluded for the lack of availability or continuity of the website's functioning, as well as regarding failures in access to determined web pages or to those pages from which services are provided.
  • 5. Any types of damages arising from information contained on the web page, in which the web page may provide hypertext links or links. The aim of the links appearing on the page is for informational purposes only, and Endesa in no case will be held responsible for the result you encounter upon accessing the aforementioned links. Therefore, Endesa will not be held responsible for:
    • The availability, accessibility and functioning or continuity of the sites linked.
    • The quality, lawfulness, utility, veracity, applicability, exhaustiveness and/or authenticity of the content found on the linked sites.
    • The maintenance, service or streaming of the content existing in linked sites.
  • 6. Any types of damage that may arise due to the existence of a virus in the user's computer system, electronic documents or files. Likewise, due to the presence of a virus in the services provided by third parties over the web, causing alterations in the user's computer system, electronic documents and files.
  • 7. Under no circumstances, including negligence, loss of business, loss of use, loss of benefits, loss of data, due to damage that is indirect, secondary, special or resulting from access to or use of the web page services, or which otherwise are within its scope.
  • 8. Any type of damage that may arise from knowledge that non-authorized third parties may have regarding access and use class, conditions and circumstances by which users make use of the web page and of information and services therein, as well as non-compliance on the part of users with their obligations in relation to personal data management.

In regards to limitations on liability, Endesa rejects any and all guarantees related to express, implied or obligatory web page services, including, but not limited to, implicit guarantees of commercialization and adjustment for specific ends and obligatory guarantees of protection in the case of non-fulfilment.


Length and Termination

The duration of web page use and access is, in theory, indefinite. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Endesa reserves the right to terminate or suspend web page access and use at any time. When reasonably possible, prior notice will be given regarding the termination and/or suspension of web site access and/or use.

User Compensation

The user expressly commits to compensate Endesa and the rest of the group's businesses, employees, administrators, agents, providers of information, services and licences, for any damages (including legal counsel fees and costs) derived from non-compliance on part of the user with these general conditions or with the applicable specific conditions, as the case may be, as well as to cooperate with Endesa in defence of its interests in the event that a claim arises or that any type of judicial or administrative procedure is initiated or called for such cause.

Likewise, the user agrees to use their best efforts in order to avoid or, as the case may be, to mitigate any harmful and damaging effects to Endesa that could as a result ensue.


Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

All conditions established are governed by Spanish Law. Endesa and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them, submit themselves to the Courts in the user’s jurisdiction, for any conflict that may arise in the provision of the services that are the subject of these general conditions.

In the case that the user lives outside of Spanish Territory, Endesa and the user will submit themselves, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them, to the Courts of Madrid (Spain).



Endesaclientes © Copyright 2017 ENDESA ENERGÍA SA. Total or Partial Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved.

infoEnergía, Copyright Endesa S.A. 2017. Total or partial reproduction is prohibited. All rights reserved.

Personal Data Protection and Security

Personal data protection

Endesa guarantees compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data. This Organic Law is intended to guarantee and protect the public liberties and fundamental rights of natural persons and in particular their honour and personal and family privacy, with regard to the processing of their personal data. In short, the aim is to protect the fundamental rights of the inpidual and, specifically, those set forth in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution.

Users shall be informed at all times of the collection of data for processing purposes and of the existence of a file, duly declared in the Data Protection Agency, however, there are other personal data which, given the temporary nature thereof, once the term has been reached, that shall be duly eliminated, complying with all legal guarantees. Unless indicated otherwise in the relevant form, you are hereby informed that there are specific fields that have to be completed (marked with an asterisk) in order to correctly process the relevant request and the inclusion of data in the other fields is optional. If the User does not provide the mandatory requested data, Endesa shall not be able to process the relevant form.

The User should know that by completing the form and sending the requested data means that the information set forth in this notice has been read and expressly accepted and that therefore, unequivocal and express consent has been given to process their personal data pursuant to the explained purpose.

If energy products or services are contracted via this page, the data shall be incorporated into an electronic or manual file created under the responsibility of Endesa for customers and potential customers, with the aim of enabling them to continue with the contracting process and to improve it.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you hereby expressly agree to the processing of your data in order to enable us to send you, by any means, including by phone or electronically (among others, by email and sms), commercial information about the products and services marketed by the Endesa Group and its subsidiaries (, Section Discover Endesa) or third parties related to the supply of energy, energy and system maintenance services, telecommunications and Internet, financial services and insurance, household systems and assistance, automobiles and the like, leisure, catering and hospitality, travel and electronics, or to carry out surveys related to the aforementioned products or services together with the transfer thereof to companies within the Endesa Group or its subsidiaries with the same purpose.

Users are hereby informed that in general terms, personal data shall not be transferred to other companies, except when said transfer is the result of complying with a legal obligation or when there is a data processing contractual relationship for the provision of a specific service. In any event users should know that in the event of a transfer of this sort, this shall solely be carried out when express consent has been obtained from the User.

Finally, users are hereby informed that pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, interested parties are entitled to exercise a series of rights that enables them to really and effectively guarantee and protect their right to honour and personal and family privacy. In order to achieve this objective, Website users are entitled to exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose as set forth in existing legislation regarding personal data protection.

Exercising these rights consists in sending a written and signed request to Apartado postal 1128, 41080 - Sevilla, A/A. Endesa Operaciones y Servicios Comerciales or preferably to the email address with the following information: user name and surname, address for notifications, photocopy of National Identity Document and a petition outlining the request.

Go to the form on Personal Data Protection Rights LOPD Rights


Confidentiality and Security measures

Endesa undertakes to treat customers’ personal data with absolute confidentiality, using them exclusively for the indicated purposes. Endesa has implemented technical and organisation security measures as established by existing legislation on the protection of personal data. Accordingly all the measures and mechanisms required to prevent the alteration, loss, incorrect use, processing and unauthorised access or theft thereof have been established, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, either as a result of human activities or the natural or physical environment. All pursuant to the provisions set forth in article 9 of the Organic Law on Data Protection and in Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which approves the Regulation implementing the Organic Law on Data Protection.

The information provided by infoEnergía (service accessed via the website customer area) is from a set of consumption data we receive daily in order to issue the electricity bills for our customers, it is viewed by calendar months, carrying out a statistical distribution of the bill consumption, infoEnergía compares the electricity consumption of a customer's property with that of other properties with similar consumption profiles and patterns in the same geographical area. Therefore, we have grouped together profiles according to statistical and geographic criteria. Furthermore, the data are enhanced with the data provided by our customers when they fill out their household’s energy consumption profile and habits via

The purpose of this information is to improve the service we offer to our customers and to meet their requirements.

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