Your World Changes With Internet

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Your World Changes With Internet

Your World Changes With Internet

Internet use in our country has been around for less than a quarter century, and yet it has revolutionised our way of doing things and our daily interactions. This goes from making bank transfers or shopping in supermarkets online, to consulting upcoming electricity and gas bills directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet, and even to teleworking and collaborative real time creation of a document, no matter if the person is on the other side of the world.
There's no doubt that the internet has represented a profound change in access to information, at the cultural level for the population and in an enormous savings of time. Information is open to everyone: it's no longer contained only in the news published daily in newspapers or reported on the evening news. With the internet, anyone can freely inform and express themselves through the internet's different channels (blogs, social networks, forums…) and can become an expert in a topic without having specific academic training.
In reality, it's the same thing we've always done, but using a new channel that is large scale, immediate, more open and free of borders. Now it is possible to see remote areas without being physically present, or follow up on someone we've lost contact years ago.
The internet has dethroned the queen of the household, the TV. Until just a few years ago, the internet was limited to the PC. The dizzying rise of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has made solving daily problems easier and quicker. In many cases, they even improve users' quality of life.
The country's most important businesses have thus made a strong investment in this area and they now allow for transactions to be carried out online. Endesa, for its part, offers its customers online contracting for its electricity and gas products and maintenance services. In fact, it has designed the One Rate, a 100% online rate that represents a new way of understanding an energy contract. Thanks to the One Rate, you can do everything you need through the internet, at an always competitive price.

Because it's 100% online, it allows you to carry out all electricity and gas contract transactions through My Endesa quickly, easily and at any time. You can also consult the contracts that you have with Endesa from our application.
But Endesa goes much further. At the Endesa webpage you'll find all the information and the steps you need to contract this rate online.  Receive your bills by e-mail as soon as they are available, with the date, the amount and a direct access to the detail of your bill in PDF format. There are also advantages: an indefinite 10% discount on the electricity capacity term, without permanence and with the option to contract the Endesa maintenance services you need.
With the arrival of the internet, we have witnessed a generalised change in mentality. Today, the internet makes our lives more comfortable and eases the daily processes that in the past cost us so much time and bother.