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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People


With the Security of a Large Company

This web page has the highest security measures in order to guarantee the confidentiality of communications with customers. The transaction services function on a secure server that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, the standard for internet security.

The secure server establishes an encoded connection that is only intelligible between the customer's computer and Endesa Online's server; use of the SSL protocol thereby guarantees:

  • That the client is communicating their information to the endesaclientes server and not to any other server trying to pass for this server.
  • That data travelling between the client and the endesaclientes server is encoded, avoiding possible reading or manipulation by third parties.

You can also ensure yourself that you are in a safe environment by the url address found in properties (by clicking on the right mouse button). Said url address begins with "https", in which "s" indicates that the content is being offered by a secure server.