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Soluciones sectoriales

Thanks to our experience and leadership in the Spanish market, we know the energy needs of your facility and how to help improve customer service while saving.

Save on your heat generation system:

  • Boiler room: Save up to 30% on your fuel bill. Saving energy by improving the performance of their equipment and prolonging its life.

  • Solar thermal energy: Save up to 70% in energy consumption for obtaining hot water.

Savings in the HVAC system:

Offers the same comfort to customers, while controlling the temperature of the rooms, intelligently managing consumption, as minimum and maximum accepted values can be set.

Lighting projects:

Save up to 80% on your bill. Improve the efficiency of your lighting system using new technologies for low power LED.

Electrical installations:

We put at your disposal the technical expertise of Endesa for modification, renovation, or construction of projects / electrical installations of your business, making coordination, planning, implementation, and commissioning of new electrical installations, both in Medium or Low Voltage with the maximum guarantees of reliability and quality of supply.

Capacitor Banks:

Avoid penalties for reactive power on your bill: if you have reactive power penalties on your bill, please contact us and we will offer the solution that best suits your needs to remove and save from day one.

Management of subsidies:

From Endesa we help realise your projects. Management of subsidies is a service to the company to obtain resources from the public administration aimed at making investments, at no cost for Endesa customers because the payment is subject to the results.

Why contract with Endesa?

  • For our custom-made offer.

  • Comprehensive service, turnkey so you do not have to worry about anything.

  • Because we offer all experience of the leading company of the power sector of the best professionals of sector.

Stable Gas

Stable Gas

If your business annually consumes more than 50,000 kWh in gas and your electricity supply is Low tension with a contracted capacity greater than 15 kW, we offer you this rate to maximize your savings.

You may be interested in knowing our Energy Advisory Services.

Eficiencia Energética

Maximise the energy efficiency of your company from the analysis and monitoring of consumption.


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