infoEnergía: Change the way you think about energy and start saving money now on your electricity bill

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infoEnergía: Change the way you think about energy and start saving money now on your electricity bill


Monitor your household electricity consumption and compare compare it with that of similar households; discover whether or not you are efficient and access personalised saving tools and tips.

infoEnergía is the first energy information and consultancy service for Endesa customers. A pioneering and absolutely innovative service, aimed at residential customers with electricity contracts with Endesa Energía and with a contracted power below 15 kW.

infoEnergía enables you to take control of your household electricity consumption and save money on your bills

Discover all the advantages offered by infoEnergía:

Find out more

You will receive in-depth information about your electricity consumption.


You can compare your current consumption with earlier periods and with that of other similar households.


Thanks to the personalised energy efficiency tools and tips you will begin saving right now.

Personalise your bill

You choose the details that best suit your needs. Personalise the information displayed by infoEnergía on your bill.


Where to find more information about infoEnergía?

On your electricity bill

infoEnergía will always appear on the first page of your bill. Here you will find a personalised overview of your energy consumption.


New bill alert

If you choose to receive electronic bills from My Endesa, your Endesa Customers private area, you will receive an email each time your new bill is issued. The email will provide information and access to infoEnergía.


Customer Area

You can access your infoEnergía private area by visiting My Endesa and then the Get Our Advice section.


Furthermore, after completing your household profile, you will be able to view personalised energy consumption charts at:

New bill

My Online Transactions

My hourly consumption

Access My Endesa now and discover full information about infoEnergía.

  • If you are an infoEnergía user, but not a My Endesa user, you can access My Endesa with your infoEnergía username. Choose your new password here:
    New passwordselector
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