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Check Your Consumption

Check Your Consumption

At the Online Office / Consumption, you can check your consumption Select the contract or group that you wish to consult and see energy consumption by date and timeslots.

Charge curves

Thanks to this service, you can plan and manage electricity consumed. Getting the desired information is very easy:
  • Select the contract you want to consult. It is important to remember that this service is only available for Open Market and Medium/High Voltage contracts.
  • Choose the graph you wish to see:​​
  • Information about energy consumed
  • Information about capacity
  • And how the information should be displayed: daily, hourly, or quarter-hourly.
  • And lastly, the time period for which you want to obtain the information.
All consumption shown corresponds to billed consumption.
Information will be shown in “.txt” and “.xls” format with the consumption information and capacities.
The charge curves service offers numerous benefits:
  • Daily, weekly or monthly control of energy consumption.
  • Consumption optimisation according to recorded capacity surpluses.
  • Plan expenses according to consumption.

Enter reading

Through the Online Office, you can send us the reading for your meter.

Remember that the reading cannot be lower than the last reading, which you can consult on the corresponding bill.

For the data provided to be usable and your billing to be in accordance with it, please take the following time schedules into account:
  • If your last reading was an actual reading, you must enter your reading within 10 business days prior to the next billing period.
  • If for any reason the agent was unable to take the actual reading from your meter, you will have 60 days to provide it. Once this time has elapsed, your bill will be based on an estimated reading.
To enter the reading, all you need to do is complete a simple form with the following data:
  • Date of the reading
  • Enter the new reading (in kWh).