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Endesa and Basketball

Endesa and Basketball

Endesa is the top supporter of Spanish national basketball, both at home and abroad. The company sponsors the Spanish Professional Basketball League and the Endesa League, as well as the Spanish Basketball Selections (men's, women's and other categories).
Endesa supports basketball because we fully identify with the values it represents: teamwork, intelligence, connection with others, overcoming odds and sportsmanship.
This commitment has made made Endesa one of Spain's most important sports sponsors: it is now recognised as one of the top companies in sports sponsorship in the country.

Presentation of the Endesa League 2014-15 Season

Stars from the 18 teams of the Endesa League participated in the event held at the atrium of Endesa Madrid headquarters to kick off the 2014-2015 season.
The masters of ceremony for the inauguration were Lalo Alzueta, the new voice of the Endesa League on TVE, and his broadcasting predecessor, Arsenio Cañada. Endesa's Chairman Borja Prado opened the inauguration and reiterated what the support for the values represented by basketball and by the Endesa League mean to the company. Francisco Roca, the executive chairman of the ACB, gave thanks for the warm welcome and expressed his confidence in the high level of competition which it will be possible to enjoy this new year of competition.
The players participated, answering questions from the presenters and fans, sent via Twitter. The plastics artist Quim Moya, specialist in "Live Painting" and the Dream Cheers, with their spectacular choreography, rounded out the event.
Endesa's Chairman Borja Prado and ACB's executive chairman Francisco Roca participated in the presentation, together with the players.

Basketball World Cup 2014

Endesa, as the official sponsor of the Spanish Basketball Federation and the Basketball World Cup 2014, set into motion different activities to accompany the selection throughout the competition and to encourage the fans to participate in the spectacle.
The presentation of the Spanish Basketball Selection once more turned the Endesa headquarters in Madrid into the "home of Spanish basketball", in the words of chairman Borja Prado. The Selection players were received by 300 children, who participated in a spectacular presentation filled with magic and surprises.
Endesa chairman Borja Prado, together with Education Minister José Ignacio Wert, Madrid Mayor Ana Botella and the Director General of the High Sports Council (CSD), Ana Muñoz (to his left); to his right, Spanish Basketball Federation chairman José Luis Sáez and CSD chairman Miguel Cardenal. Behind them, the Spanish Basketball Selection players.

Basket Lover

Through Basket Lover, Endesa seeks to make its commitment to basketball and to the values it conveys a reality, along with its commitment to its followers, who find in basketball the energy they need to overcome life's obstacles.
Series Basket Lover. To show what makes basketball a unique sport that reaches the hearts of its followers, Endesa has launched an 11-episode series where the protagonists are lovers of this sport.
In the series, actor and comedian Dani Martínez, a basketball fan, travels to different parts of the country in search of stories of basket lovers: examples of overcoming odds and entertaining anecdotes featuring well-known personalities, professional players, fans… all true basket lovers.
You can watch the series at
Basket Lover School Programme 2014. To bring the Basketball World Cup 2014 to high schools in the cities that will host the championship, Endesa has launched the Basket Lover School Programme 2014, a drawing and photography competition directed at elementary and high school students.
More than 60 thousand schools have participated in this edition. The prizes for winning students and their schools range from master classes given by Spanish players to tickets to attend World Cup 2014 games.
For more information, go to the programme webpage:
The company presented its Basket Lover initiative through three spots broadcast in December and featuring the players Juan Carlos Navarro, Óscar Lisbona and Quique Azcón. 

Solidarity Events

Through its sponsorship of the Basketball League, Endesa, in the framework of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, supports the development of an action plan based on raising solitary awareness through the sport. Together with ACB, in 2012 it thus launched the "solitary events" initiative, selecting a basketball league event to promote support for a specific social project.
The objective of the first Solitary Event was to support UNICEF in the fight against childhood malnutrition. In 2013, support was given to the Red Cross for its food drive for needy families. In both events more than 40,000 euros were raised.

Eurobasket 2013

As the top promoter of Spanish basketball both nationally and internationally, Endesa supported the Spanish Selection in its participation in the Eurobasket. The Spanish team won the bronze medal in the competition. In conjunction with the competition, the company launched a communication campaign to consolidate its links with this sport.
To see the campaign spots click here

Presentation of the Endesa League 2012-13 Season

Presentation of the Endesa League 2012-13. The stars of the 18 Endesa League teams opened the 2012-13 season with an event held at the Endesa headquarters and featuring the Official Three Point Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest. The event was conducted by Juanma López Iturriaga and kicked off with a brilliant performance by the Dream Cheers.

Presentation of the Endesa League 2011-2012 Season

The Endesa headquarters was host to the Endesa Basketball League 2011-2012 season presentation. Eighteen players, one for each participating club, four coaches, and three professional referees offered an exciting basketball spectacle, with a game on an official-sized court installed in the main atrium of the headquarters. The presentation was overseen by Juan Manuel López Iturriaga and featured the percussion group Toom Pak, which participated in celebrations for the Spanish Soccer Selection (champion of the World Cup in South Africa, 2010), the dance group "Dream Cheers" and the acrobatics troupe "Crazy Dunkers".
Front row centre in the image is Endesa chairman Borja Prado, with the selection of 18 players from the different Endesa League teams, the members of the Endesa League Team and the official coaches.

Endesa and the ACB: a Historic Partnership in Spanish Basketball


Endesa and the Spanish Basketball Clubs Association (ACB) reached an agreement in July 2011 making the company the sponsor, starting with the 2011-2012 season, of all official competitions organised by the ACB.
Three years later, in June 2014, Endesa Chairman Borja Prado and ACB Chairman Francisco Roca met to give the project continuity. This has consisted of the most important business agreement in the history of Spanish and European basketball. The agreement joins the two organisations for two additional years (until the end of the 2016-17 season).
As a result of this strategic alliance, the Endesa name has been given to the ACB competition, being the first commercial brand to achieve this in nearly three decades of the Basketball Clubs Association's history. The ACB League is now known as Endesa League, as is the season's opening tournament, the Supercopa, which is now called the Supercopa Endesa.
Greetings from Borja Prado and Eduardo Portela (ACB's previous Chairman) at the siging of the agreement, in July 2011: