Research, Development and Innovation

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Research, Development and Innovation

Endesa is bolstering its research, technological development and innovation activities, focusing its strategy on energy efficiency and electric transportation.
  • In order to meet its objective of encouraging energy efficiency, Endesa is developing smart grids projects whose aim is to distribute energy in a way which is efficient, sustainable, profitable and safe. They function based on active customer participation thanks to the remote management of electrical meters, integration of renewable energies, electricity storage and electric transportation.
  • The remote management project in Spain involves the implementation of 13 million remotely managed meters. This will cause a radical change in the business's relationship with consumers. It will create a route to achieve new benchmarks for energy efficiency and operational improvement, and will facilitate a more active role for customers in the management of their consumption.
  • Smart cities are closely involved with this project, which involves the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in production, electrical storage, demand management, efficient lighting, electric transportation and energy efficiency in business and residential buildings. These projects are already taking off in Malaga and in Barcelona.
  • The company also participates in projects aimed at developing intelligent management technologies for energy supply and demand, such as Proyecto Energrid.
  • Endesa is also the leading Spanish company in the development of electric transportation through the installation of recharge points, agreements with auto manufacturers and its active presence in consortia and projects related to electric transportation, such as Movele, Green eMotion, Elvire, etc.
  • Endesa also leads in the development of two pioneering projects in the area of sustainability: the integration of renewable energies and energy storage on the Canary Islands of El Hierro  and La Graciosa.
  • Endesa is also on the forefront of energy storage: the company has started up Spain's first three energy storage plants on the islands of Gran Canaria, La Palma and La Gomera. This initiative forms part of the STORE project, Europe's most important project in regards to energy storage in island environments.
  • In the area of distribution, Endesa is working on the development of state-of-the-art superconductor technology, in the framework of the EU-funded European project ECCOFLOW. Following four years of research and development, the first superconductor successfully installed in Spain's distribution grid is now operational.
  • These technological innovation projects have a very important favourable impact upon environmental sustainability, and significantly contribute to the company's strategy to fight climate change. This strategy, apart from the already-mentioned initiatives, also includes the promotion of renewable energies through Enel Green Power, the development of different projects related to CO2 capture and storage and activities related to harnessing the Clean Development Mechanisms.
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