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Social Action

Social Action

Endesa considers active contribution to the development of the communities and the areas in which it operates to be a fundamental element of its corporate duty. It thus develops highly diverse social projects that encourage local identity, bring the company closer to its interest groups and incoporate their demands.
Endesa's initiatives can be grouped into six categories: access to energy; education and training; environment and biodiversity; social development and quality of life; volunteering and opportune humanitarian assistance actions.

Access to Energy

This category corresponds to the Enabling Electricity programme, led by Enel and to which Endesa makes a significant monetary contribution towards infrastructure creation, reduction of physical and economic barriers, energy efficiency and energy related training.

Education and Training

One of the most important projects within the area of education is Endesa Educa, a training program directed at Spanish students whose focus is efficient, rational energy use. Its implementation involves facilitating educational centres in educational activities related to energy resources, so that students are aware of the value of these resources and their importance in quality of life.
In the area of training is Fundación Endesa, which since 2010 has managed projects aimed at improving the employability of low-income young people at risk of exclusion. This programs are oriented towards professional training linked with Endesa's business: the electricity sector.

Environment and Biodiversity

This area of activity consists of social volunteer projects that encourage awareness, conservation, recovery and improvement of the environment in general and of biodiversity in particular.
Of particular note in Spain is the agreement signed in 2012 with the Fundación Oso Pardo, for the dissemination of environmental education, facilitating the coexistence of a viable bear population and the area's social and economic development. Endesa has also signed agreements with various associations to protect endangered species.
It has also carried out different projects for the improvement of natural spaces, such as the restoration of mining lands, presence in Natural Parks and protected areas, agricultural production in recovered areas, conservation projects and studies of natural species, etc.
More information about biodiversity conservation projects:

Social Development and Quality of Life

Endesa understands that the best way to help communities develop is by supporting their training in ways of life that guarantee their socio-economic development and the growth and implementation of an entrepreneurial and productive fabric.
The Proyecto Impulsando PYMES is a non-profit public-private collaboration that supports small- and medium-sized businesses in Spain through free conferences in which classes are given on a variety of topics such as financing, innovation, internationalisation and energy efficiency.

Corporate Volunteering

Unpaid, structured volunteer work carried out by the company's employees, by their own initiative or organised by Endesa, in the form of activities, donations or skills, for the benefit of others. It acts as a catalyst for social projects that increase the closeness and involvement of the company with its interest groups, and it encourages growth and commitment in participants.
One example is Proyecto Crecer+, a mentoring and coaching program in Spain for young people at risk of social exclusion, in which company employees accompany and advise young people in order to improve their employability and encourage their social and occupational inclusion.

Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian Assistance
Global, opportune actions in response to catastrophes In 2013, for example, a donation was made through the Endesa Foundation to help victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
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