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Biogas is a fuel primarily composed of methane, which gives it a high heating capacity and allows for its use in the industrial sector.

What is a biogas?

Biogas is a fuel composed primarily of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). it's high methane content gives it a heightened heat capacity which, after refinement, makes its use in boilers and/or co-generation motors possible. The use of biogas in co-generation motors allows electricity and heat to be obtained. With the approval of Royal Decree 661/2007, the electricity may be returned to the electrical grid, with economic compensation being received from the electrical company.

As such, a biogas installation is an energy treatment and valuation centre for organic waste, with electricity products in special regime.

Advantages for your business

  • Electricity and heat production in a clean and sustainable manner.
  • Generation of electric energy with purchase guarantee.
  • Thermal energy generation hat will allow the demand of your installation to be covered.
  • Waste management and valuation.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Protect the soil, the water and the air.
  • Unlimited quantities of raw material: Biogas produces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • rustworthy process and technology: More than 12,000 plants functioning in Germany.


La micro-cogeneración resulta muy útil tanto en el sector industrial, como en el sector servicios:

  • Industry: The biogas produced can be used in both boilers and co-generation equipment, resulting in the production and sale of electric energy to the grid. Biogas is obtained from organic waste from the food industry: sugar and beer factories, organic waste from the oil and wine industries, waste from livestock slaughterhouses that is not fit for consumption, vegetable fuel and oil industry, etc.
  • Livestock: Procurement of biogas from organic materials such as manure, waste from grass, harvests, corn, straw, etc.

Key in hand service

Our expert team takes care of all of the project phases, from the prelimiary study to construction, including plant maintenance and optimisation:

  • 1. Personalised Consultation: Personalised consultation regarding the best cost-friendly technical solution.
  • 2. Project: Engineering project that optimum sizing of the installation.
  • 3. Installation: Execution of installation, including purchase of equipment and materials.
  • 4. Legalisation.
  • 5. Start Up: Verifying the correct functioning of the installation.

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Contact us Biogas

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