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Cogeneration Projects

Cogeneration is a highly energy-efficient system based on the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy.

What is co-generation?

Co-generation is a highly energy-efficient system based on the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy (heating/cooling) from the primary energy contained in fuel.

A profitable business

Now you can substantially reduce your energy costs with the option of channelling all or part of the electric energy produced into the grid, in advantageous conditions:

  • Purchase guarantee: The Distributing Company will buy 100% of electric energy channelled into the grid during the useful life of the installation.
  • Regulated tariff: The electricity generated will be sold at a special price, set in place by the legislation and indexed to fuel prices.

Advantages for your business

  • Significant economic savings: Thanks to the system's energy efficiency of the system, which maximises the use of primary energy from fuel, and the procurement of extra profit from electricity sales.
  • Thermal consumption: Co-generation allows you to cover the thermal demand of your installation, based on your needs.
  • Image and environmental awareness: Co-generation is a sustainable energy system. Thanks to co-generation, in Spain 20,000 GWh of primary energy is saved and 9 t of CO2 emissions per year are avoided.


  • Productive processes: Paper, textiles, food, ceramics, glass, bio-ethanol, oil refinement, etc.
  • Heating and cooling and ACS: Commercial or tertiary businesses such as hospitals, hotels, universities, theme parks and office buildings.
  • Waste treatment: Biogas, sewage, cattle and swine waste.

Key in Hand service

  • 1. Personalised Consultation: Preliminary study of the particular situation of your installation and procurement of the optimal project, keeping in mind technical and economic conditions. Endesa will also obtain the connection point with the Distributing Company.
  • 2. Project: Endesa takes on the comprehensive installation and engineering project.
  • 3. Installation: Endesa carries out the purchase of equipment and materials, as well as project execution. A safety coordinator will manage occupational risk provention throughout execution.
  • 4. Legalisation: Endesa will take charge of obtaining the licenses necessary to start up the installation.
  • 5. Start Up: The Adviser will carry out formal delivery of the installation to the customer, along with all related technical and legal documentation. Endesa will be responsible for the training of the customer's personnel for installation use.

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