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Comprehensive energy management

Comprehensive Energy Management is the integration and management of all processes to generate energy.

What is it?

Comprehensive energy management integrates and manages all of the processes that generate the useful energy consumed in the form of cooling, heating or any other type of transformed energy. For example, it has to do with delivering, in addition to electricity, hot and cold water for its processes and heating systems.

Why manage useful energy?

The heightened competitive pressure in the current environment, together with the uncertainty that exists in the energy markets, results in businesses becoming ever more aware of the need for greater control of energy costs. It is now possible to obtain this by contracting energy management with a professional.

Advantages for your business

  • Long term savings and prediction of costs: with synergies through the integration of services.
  • Simplicity: Concentration of resources in key process, avoiding investments in assets that are not directly productive.
  • Quality guarantee in management and respect for the environment: both at the moment of delivery as well as in the case of later unforeseen events.


An Energy Management System will serve to help with operational management through the oversight of specific objectives. Energy (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and process (production, stays, etc.) information is used, aggregated in temporal spaces (hour, day, week, month, etc.) that allow for control of objectives (for example kWh/kg) in order to make short/medium term decisions.

At the directive level, a Comprehensive Energy Management System ought to serve for rapid decision making through an accumulated vision of the different operative aspects, management of alarms and the oversight of dynamic objectives.

At the directive level, a Comprehensive Energy Management System ought to serve for rapid decision making through an accumulated vision of the different operative aspects, management of alarms and the oversight of dynamic objectives.

  • Consumption curves (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and generation curves (solar panels, co-generation, solar thermal, etc.).
  • Economic oversight of energy consumption.
  • Oversight of CO2 emissions associated with energy consumption.
  • Project oversight. That is to say, measurement and verification of the energy saving measures implemented.
  • Management of costs and billing.

The primary difference between an Energy Management System and a SCADA is that the latter manages data to the millisecond while an Energy Management System manages large volumes of data. A SCADA is thus not ideal for the analysis of aggregate data, while an Energy Management System is not ideal for automating and controlling devices.

Blau Energy management platform

Blau Energy is a solution that allows us to oversee the consumption of electrical energy, natural gas, water, etc., in any type of installation. The software allows us, among many other features, to identify consumption: what consumption is undesired, partial process consumption or concrete locations, economic quantification of said consumption, among many other features.

The main characteristics of the Blau Energy platform are:

  • 100% web solution.
  • Multiplatform: Different operating systems and databases.
  • Standard communication protocols, not based on ownership systems.
  • Scalability.

Feedback system

In order to have available a dynamic energy map that responds to the necessary basic questions (what, where, when and how much energy is consumed) that allow for the identification of non-efficient areas and/or habits, it is necessary to install internal feedback systems such as electric recorders and meters, temperature and humidity probes, gas and water meters, etc.

Personalised studies

We carry out a personalised study to evaluation the potential for a Comprehensive Energy Management scheme in your installation:

  • Identification of projects with potential.
  • Realisation of personalised study: Gathering of data (design of installations and future necessities), financing, taking on of equipment or current suppliers, development of the most appropriate technical solution, design of the compensation scheme.
  • Customerdecision to externalise.
  • Start up of the "key in hand" project: Final design of the technical, engineering, material purchase and installation solution.

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