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Efficient Management of Reactive Energy

All installations consume active energy that is transformed into useful energy. They also consume reactive energy, however, which does not produce any useful output but which is indispensable for the proper functioning of the equipment.

What is reactive power

All installations consume Active Energy (measure in kWh) that is transformed into useful output. They also consume Reactive power (measured in kVArh) however, which produces no useful output but which is indispensable for correct equipment functioning. Installations that do not incorporate Reactive power compensation, or those in which the existing system is obsolete or poorly configured, cause inefficiencies in the form of energy losses, equipment deterioration and overloads. Excessive consumption of Reactive power also causes economic losses. These are avoidable costs.

The endesa solution

Endesa conducts a personalized study of your installation and offers you a customized solution to minimize reactive power consumption. This solution can include the following components, among others:

  • Capacitor Banks.
  • Capacity Factor Monitors.
  • Reactive Power Filters.

Advantages for your business

  • Elimination of charges and fees on the electricity bill.
  • Reduction in losses of useful energy.
  • Lower energy consumption by improving installation output.
  • Reduction of maintenance and equipment replacement costs.
  • Increase in the available capacity of lines and transformers, lowering the risk of overload.
  • Reduction in the investments in electrical installations which are needed to control reactive power.

Key in hand service

  • Study of reactive power compensation: Endesa takes care of conducting a detailed Reactive power consumption analysis for the installation, and of finding and elaborating the best solution for reactive power compensation. We'll give you information regarding charges and fees so that you can compare them with the savings derived from installation of the compensation system, and we'll help you with an amortization plan for the equipment installed.
  • Installation and start-up: We´ll take care of the entire transportation and installation process for the necessary equipment, and if necessary, of the removal and environmental management of old equipment. We will also carry out the connection, testing and adjustment of the equipment and we´ll provide you with documentation and a 5 year warranty.
  • Maintenance: We´ll periodically check equipment to ensure its upkeep and correct functioning.

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