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Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

Commercial offer 

Installation of the recharge point


Recharging infrastructure:

  • Endesa will offer you with a charging point that will be tailored to your needs, whilst being compliant with current legislation.
  • A vehicle will take approximately 8 hours to charge 100% and 20 minutes for a quick top-up.
    Professional experts at Endesa will be in charge of:
    • Studying the technical viability of the installation.
    • Analysis the recharge point.
    • Install the recharge point with the maximum guarantee.

Electric supply

Endesa will provide you with an electric supply contract, in addition to:

  • Supplying you with information relating to the existing electric tariffs and advising you with regard to these tariffs, so that you are able to choose the one that best meets your needs.
  • Plan Movele: An initiative created by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings (IDAE in its Spanish Acronym). Consists of introducing 2,000 electric vehicles from different categories into urban environments.

    The installation of 546 recharge points for these vehicles is also planned, divided between Sevilla (75), Madrid (280) and Barcelona (191). Learn more about the Plan Movele
  • SmartCity: A project lead by Endesa in Malaga that proposes a new energy management model, and whose goal is energy savings and a significant decrease in emissions.  Includes electric vehicle integration. Learn more about SmartCity.
  • Elvire: For the development of consumer-directed technology, solutions and services to allow continual interaction between drivers of electric vehicles, their energy providers and intelligent grid.
  • GridforVehicles (G4V): Unique Spanish company that participates in a consortium to evaluate the impact of the electrical infrastructure, large scale implementation of the electric vehicle, and to define recommendations.
  • Green eMotion: A demonstrative Pan-European electric mobility project in different European cities.
  • Cenit Verde: A project for the promotion and introduction of the electric vehicle in the Spanish market and for analysis of electric vehicle management on intelligent grids.
  • Euroelectric / Berline Group: Member of Euroelectric's Electric Vehicle Group and founding member of the Berlin Group, responsible for the European-wide standardisation and unification of the connection components essential to recharging.
  • Endesa QUICK: This project objective is the implementation of electric vehicle rapid recharge infrastructure in Spain. It has been chosen as a strategic project by IDAE and Ahorro de la Energia.
  • Endesa and Telefónica: For development of a technological solution that allows Telefónica cabins to be used as electrical vehicle recharge points, facilitating recharging along public routes.
  • Endesa and Cepsa: For the development of a design, testing and launch plan for a pure and hybrid electric vehicle recharge point network to be installed at Cepsa service stations.
  • Endesa and CHAdeMO: Endesa participates in the elaboration of the standard protocol and connection for electric vehicle rapid recharge. In turn, Endesa can develop its own technology from this protocol for the commercialisation of rapid recharge.
  • Endesa and Faconauto: Endesa has reached a collaboration agreement with Facoauto for the installation of electric vehicle recharge points in Faconauto's Spanish concession points. Endesa makes the so-called sustainable concession plan available to associated dealers. In addition to recharge points, this allows for the installation of solar panels, efficient lighting systems and lighting and climate control monitoring and control systems.
  • LIVE Office in Barcelona Endesa and the Barcelona City Council have joined forces for the development and promotion of the electric vehicle in the Catalonian capital. To this end, the LIVE (Logistics for Electrical Vehicle Implementation, in English) has been constructed.
  • Plan MOVELEC Mallorca: The Palma de Mallorca City Council and Endesa are interested in collaborating together on sustainable electric vehicle development and implementation in the municipality of Palma, as the hub of the Balearic Isles. Endesa plans to create an office for the dissemination of information regarding electric transportation, which will be known as the MOVELEC Office.
  • Agreement with the Sevilla City Council: This agreement includes, among other components, the installation of at least 3 electric vehicle recharge points in the city during the first year. Signing of this agreement highlights the effort made by the capital's City Council to optimise energy consumption, and Endesa's commitment to developing a sustainable transportation model as one of the principal lines of action in the fight against climate change.
  • Agreement with the Almeria City Council: Endesa has signed an agreement for collaboration with the Almeria City Coucil to encourage development of electric mobility in the city.
  • Agreement with the Extremadura Government Board for Development of the Electric Vehicle: The objective of this collaboration is to encourage activities that allow for sustainable mobility, using promotion of the electric vehicle. With broad regional implementation, Endesa is deeply committed to the development of R&D&i projects in the areas of intelligent grids and sustainable mobility.
  • For its part, the Extremadura Government, in keeping with the Comprehensive Strategy for the Promotion and Encouragement of the Electric Vehicle in Extremadura's Energy Development Agreement 2010-2020 and, with agreements such as that signed, shows its commitment to the development of the recharge infrastructure necessary for these vehicles.

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