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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Electric Supplies and Projects

Since the design is adapted to your electricity project, the risk of incidents will be lowered and your installation will be configured based upon your business's concrete needs.

Why have an electric project?

Additions and electric projects are the set of installations necessary to bring electrical energy to consumption centres in the best conditions possible.

A solution for every need

  • New supply: We design and execute your electric installation from start to finish, down to the electrical grid connection.
  • Capacity expansion: We adjust your grid connection and internal installations for your new energy demand.
  • Transfer of lines: We relocate or bury the current configuration of your lines.
  • Grid reinforcement: We improve your electricity supply safety with a second addition, specialised for production processes in which supply is critical.
  • Improvement in supply: Quality, continuity and safety: We protect your plant from small grid disruptions with the installation of voltage stabilisers, harmonics filters, etc.
  • Additional savings: You can benefit from electricity bill savings when changing to a supply voltage higher than your current voltage.

Types of projects

  • Lines: Aerial lines or underground cables that connect the electrical grid to your installation.
  • Transformer Stations: Transform MV (Medium Voltage) energy to LV (Low Voltage) for consumption.
  • Sub-stations: Large energy consumers connected with HV (High Voltage) need to transform this energy into MV (Medium Voltage), which occurs in electrical sub-stations.

Key in hand service

  • 1. Personalised Consultation: We design the optimal solution, bearing in mind your economic and technical conditions.
  • 2. Project: We take on the comprehensive engineering project.
  • 3. Execution: We carry out the purchase of equipment and materials, as well as project execution.
  • 4. Legalisation: We process permits with the distributing company, as well as the rest of the necessary licenses.
  • 5. Start Up: We carry out formal delivery of the installation and of all related documentation.
  • 6. Guarantee of quality upon delivery: We ensure project quality for free by carrying out a thermographic study of the new installation.

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