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Gas Projects

Get to know our gas project services.

Why a Gas Project?

Gas projects are all facilities and equipment required to convey heat energy to consumption centres under the best conditions.

Advantages for your business

Using this fuel you will get:

  • Profitability: savings of at least 10% may be obtained, in addition to increasing the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Care for the environment: natural gas is the fossil fuel with the lowest environmental impact of all fossil fuels used.
  • Improvement in supply: you can get a safer, uninterrupted and high-quality supply.

Types of Projects

  • Gas-receiving Facilities: overhead lines or buried lines connecting the points of supply to the points of consumption.
  • Regulation and measurement stations: these regulate the pressure of the network to the pressure required for consumption. They include all necessary safety guards and appropriate measuring devices.
  • Liquefied natural gas plants: When there is no supply point for gas, LNG plants represent a solution for natural gas to come in and be consumed.

Turnkey service: With all the experience of Endesa

  • 1. Personalized consultation: We design the optimal solution, bearing in mind your economic and technical conditions.
  • 2. Project: We handle the complete engineering project.
  • 3. Execution: We manage the purchase of equipment and materials and the implementation of the project.
  • 4. Legalisation: We process permits with the distributing company, as well as the rest of the necessary licenses.
  • 5. Start Up: We carry out formal delivery of the installation and of all related documentation.

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