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Together with the advantages of co-generation, micro-cogeneration presents an additional benefit: reduced space.

What is micro co-generation?

We speak of micro co-generation when installed capacity is less than 1MW.

Advantages for your business

Together with the advantages of co-generation, micro co-generation presents an additional benefit: reduced space. In addition, in comparison with other alternative systems (e.g.: thermal solar energy) it can be located under the roof, reducing visual impact.


Micro co-generation is highly useful in both the industrial sector and in the service sector:

  • Industrial Sector: In small and medium sized industry.
  • Service Sector: Primarily in hotels, hospitals and office buildings.

Key in hand service

  • 1. Personalized Consultation: Personalized Consultation:
  • 2. Project: Endesa takes on the comprehensive installation engineering project.
  • 3. Installation: Endesa carries out the purchase of equipment and materials, as well as project execution. A safety coordinator will manage occupational risk provention throughout execution.
  • 4. Legalisation: Endesa will take charge of obtaining the licenses necessary to start up the installation.
  • 5. Start Up: The advisor will carry out formal delivery of the installation and of all related technical and legal documentation. Endesa will be responsible for the training of the customer's personnel to ensure correct use.

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