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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Quality and Continuity of the Supply

Endesa provides you with a Supply Continuity Service that will help you to pinpoint the best solutions for your business.

Quality and stability in electricity supply

With the objective of avoiding disruptions in the electricity supply that cause halts to the productive system, we offer you our new Supply Quality Service. Through a personalised study of the quality of your electricity supply and your installation, we can pinpoint the best solutions for your business:

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • Protection selectivity.
  • Anti-harmonic filters.
  • Phase equilibration.
  • Internal electrical distribution.

Advantages for your business

  • Peace of mind, by assuring the continuous operation of your installation systems and processes.
  • Improved image, by maintaining service to customers.
  • Savings in costs associated with process interruptions, cleaning of installations and replacement of damaged equipment.

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Supply Continuity

We keep your installation operational. Various climatic and electrical factors can cause long interruptions in your power supply. To address these problems, Endesa has launched a Supply Continuity Service. This service is based on a personalized study of your installation to maintain the good condition of your electrical system, and to offer you a continuous and reliable supply:

  • Power Generators.
  • Second Electrical Power Supply.
  • UPS.

Advantages for your business

  • Continuity of operation and autonomy of the installation in case of prolonged power failures.
  • Reduced costs by avoiding losses in production.
  • Improved company image, by maintaining service to customers.
  • Compliance with regulations in public premises and other public services.
  • Source of electrical power in locations where there is no network.

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Key in hand service

  • 1. Periodic maintenance to put you at ease: Periodic check of equipment to ensure their upkeep and correct functioning.
  • 2. Continuous, on-going assessment: We take care of conducting a study of the unique situation of your electricity supply and we look for the best solution based on your technical and economic conditions.
  • 3. Installation and start-up of the entire system: We transport and install the equipment, and we remove previous equipment if necessary. We set up, connect and adjust the equipment, and we also deliver the documentation and the corresponding warranty.