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OKLuz Assist

OKLuz Assist

Always keep your installation and electrical equipment OK.


50% discount first year if you contract online

2,53 €/month (VAT included) 5,05 €

Handyman repair and service for your electrical system and equipment
  • Unlimited Electrical Installation Repairs.

  • A white-range appliance repair per year.

  • Two electrical handyman services a year (wall socket replacements, lighting fixture installations, etc.) lasting two hours each.

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The service includes:

  • Free phone.
    900 85 86 85
    24 hour attention 365 days

  • Urgent repairs
    (technician's visit in less than 3 hours) and non-urgent repairs

  • Displacement and 3 hours of manpower per repair included

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What is OKLuz Assist?

OKLuz Assist is Endesa's electrical repairs and assistance service.

What does OKLuz Assist include?

Whenever you have any incident, you can contact the technical service of OKLuz Assist and a technician will visit your home in less than 3 hours to repair the breakdown (the displacement and the first 3 hours of labour are free) or 48 hours if it is not urgent. OKLuz Assist customers have a toll-free phone to request assistance, operating 24 hours 365 days a year: 900 85 86 85.

The number of electrical system repairs is unlimited. In addition, once a year, OK Luz Assist includes a repair on a major electrical appliance (washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, cooker hood, oven, cooker or stove) and two electrical handyman services (installation of: lighting fixtures, wall and ceiling fittings, halogen lights in suspended plaster ceilings, and replacement of: switches, wall sockets, buzzers, lights, bulbs, halogen lights, etc.) lasting two hours each.

What are the most common breakdowns?

The most common are those related with the electric panel, light switches and plugs.

If you do not have any electric light at home, or you have no power in the socket for the refrigerator, and not it's an power-cut on the part of the electricity distributor, an OKLuz Assist technician will visit your home in less than 3 hours.

What services do I get with OK Luz Assist?

OKLuz Assist includes repairs to the electrical system of your home and your domestic appliances, as well as an electricity handyman service for small installations and replacements.

You can pay OKLuz Assist in comfortable instalments on the light bill and with a 50% discount during the first year.

You have a professional from the Endesa network, backed by rigorous quality controls, who will repair the breakdowns that occur, as well as flexibility when arranging the visit.

It avoids any cost for displacement and for the first 3 hours of labour of each intervention (parts in charge of the customer, if a repair is necessary). In rare circumstances, where the repair time exceeds 3 hours, we commit to deliver a free pre-budget.

What OK service is best for me?

  • OKGas: Choose it if you have a boiler and you would like a maintenance service and repairs of your home's gas installation and heating system (boiler, hydraulic circuit and radiators).
  • OKGas Heater: Choose it if you have a heater and would like a maintenance service as well as repairs on your home’s gas installation and heater.
  • OKLuz Assist: Choose it if you have a light contract in your home and you would like a repair service, electrical assistance for your installation and your white range appliances.

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