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One Luz Maxi

One Luz Maxi

Change to One Tariff and enjoy even more discounts for carrying out all your processes online.


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One Luz Maxi

Change to One Tariff and enjoy even more discounts for carrying out all your processes online.

    • 100% Online.

      You will receive your bills via email; you will be able to manage your contracts quickly via our Online Office and our App, when and how you want.

    • Permanent discounts on your bill.

      Enjoy better discounts for carrying out all your processes online. You will benefit from excellent prices, not just the first year.

    • Prices are stable in time

      Prices are stable in time to avoid variations associated with the gas and electric market.

    • Only contract the services you need.

      Only contract electricity, gas or both of them. And if needed, you can also contract one of our additional services.

    • For everyone whether you usea lot or a little.

      A tariff for homes and businesses, whether you consume more or less, you will always save money, given that the discount is applied to the total bill.

    • No minimum term contract.

      You can leave whenever you wish, there is no minimum commitment period.

Tips to obtain additional discounts One:

It is possible to obtain additional discounts without changing your current habits. Anyway, we are proposing you a few indications which might help you to obtain these discounts or to increase them.

  • Sin compromiso
    For the hot water boiler you can put a timer in the socket that permits charging during just the off-peak hours. A digital timer is the best option in order to avoid that it reschedules in case of a power fail.
  • Sin compromiso
    For the washing machine and the dryer we recommend you to program them in the evening. This way it will be ready when you get up and you can take out the washing without it being wrinkled.
  • Sin compromiso
    You can program the dish washer in the evening so it will have finished in the morning.
  • Sin compromiso
    For the oven and the cooking plate it is preferable to cook at low heat in the morning before 1 pm during summer and before 12 am during winter.
  • Sin compromiso
    If you have a swimming pool it is preferable to switch on the purification system during the off-peak hours, just as with the automatic watering system, which is advisable to be programmed during this same period of time.
  • Sin compromiso
    With the online office you can easily consult anything you need, carry out your actions from wherever you are and do not have to wait for the bill to arrive at your place. Thanks to the electronic format you can consult it online.
1. What is the One Luz Maxi tariff?

Endesa’s One Luz Maxi tariff is designed for powers in excess of 15 kW. This is a new way of understanding your energy contract. See more

2. How can I sign up for the One Rate?

The One Rate is contracted exclusively online. You can sign up for it at See more

3. How long does the discount offered for the One Rate last?

The discount has an infinite duration, and will continue so long as you make preferential use of the online channels. See more

Price One Luz Maxi with 12% discount in term of power and energy forever.

One Luz Maxi Power charge 12% discount
Tarifa 3.0A 6,788148 €/kW month
Periodos horarios On-Peak Mid-Peak Off-peak
Price 12% discount. 0,116628 €/kWh 0,094473 €/kWh 0,068229 €/kWh

Service not available in Ceuta and Melilla. Taxes not included in prices.

(1) Tariff valid for supplies with a contracted power lower than or equal to 15 kW and access tariffs 2.1A.

(2) Discounts on bills cannot be combined with those offered with other promotional offers. Offer valid for online contracts, providing preferential use is made of the online channels and you remain with Endesa.