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Rate Subsidy


Rate Subsidy

Wed May 28 13:00:02 CEST 2014

bono social The rate subsidy is a discount established by the Government on the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (VPSC), aimed at protecting low-income households.

The Supreme Court’s ruling does not affect customers

The Supreme Court ruling of 24th September does not affect customers entitled to the subsidised rate at all..

If you already enjoy the subsidised rate you will continue as before, with no need for you to do anything, and your bill will remain unchanged. If you don’t have it yet, and you fulfil the requirements, you can apply for it by filling in the corresponding application form.

The ruling refers to the method of financing, which the Government and the electricity companies will have to agree upon.

It is applied automatically, and does not have to be expressly requested, to households with a contracted power below 3kW.

Furthermore, the social rate can be requested by households with a contracted power equivalent to, or lower than, 10kW, providing they form part of one of the following groups and meet the requirements:

  • Over 60 years of age and receiving the minimum pension (*).
  • Pensioners Group: Over 60 years of age receiving the minimum contributory or retirement pension or permanent disability or widower’s pension, together with beneficiaries of the former Compulsory old-age and disability insurance pursuant to the terms and conditions outlined in the BOE-A-2009-10672(*).
  • Group including large families or special category, single parent families.
  • Group of unemployed persons: Units that live in the same household and all the members of the unit are unemployed.
You can check the requirements and the documentation that needs to be submitted in each case by clicking here.

Applicable to all the groups: the supply has to be for the customer’s usual residence, the CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities Code) has to be domestic (9820), the Contract has to be General, the titleholder of the supply must be an individual and the supply must be contracted in their name.

What are the request methods for requesting the Rate Subsidy?

In the following, we give you links to download the current rate subsidy request model that applies to you: retirees, large families and unemployed persons.

In each model, you'll find the documentation that you need to supply and the necessary requirements, as well as a Declaration of Responsibility that you must submit together with the request in all cases.

Remember that if the supply in your habitual residence has a contracted capacity of less than 3kW, the Rate Subsidy will be applied automatically.

If you are not currently registered as an Endesa Energía XXI customer, you must complete the Change of Distributer Authorisation document and send it together with your application.

(*) Pursuant to the provisions set forth in the BOE-A-2009-10672 the titleholders of a point of supply shall be entitled to the social rate when they are over the age of 60 years, they prove they are pensioners adhered to the Social Security system through retirement, permanent disability or widow status and they receive the minimum amounts in force at any given moment for said types of pensions with regard to titleholders supporting a spouse or titleholders without a spouse that live in an independent economic unit, together with beneficiaries of the former Compulsory Insurance old-age and disability insurance and non-contributory disability and retirement pensions over the age of 60 years.