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In compliance with Royal Decree 1955/2000, amended by Royal Decree 1454/2005, establishing the obligation to control the power capacity of consumer supply points, between March and year-end all PCSs will be gradually armed for any supply points that were not already activated. This work is being carried out by all distribution companies, including e-distribución.

What is a PCS?

It is the acronym for Power Control Switch. This is a device used to restrict supply when the power demand is higher than the contracted power capacity and avoid damage to the installation and network, among other things.

The new remote-controlled smart meters are fitted with their own power control switches, although they have not necessarily been armed. These will be armed remotely free of charge over the course of the year (you will not have to worry about letting a technician into your home).

How might this affect me?

If your demand has never exceeded the power capacity you have contracted, you will not notice anything different.

If you normally demand more power than the contracted power capacity, you will find that the supply will cut off when you use too many appliances. If this happens frequently and your distribution company is e-distribución, you will receive notification that the PCS has been armed.

Any supplies classified as “sensitive” (e.g. to hospitals, local councils and multi-family residential buildings) will also receive advice about their specific situation and the benefits of installing a maximum-demand meter.

What power capacity do you need?

It is essential that you contract the right power capacity to avoid power cuts and surprises on your bills. You therefore need to look at your daily demand patterns: what electrical appliances do you have, how many do you use at the same time, etc. Use our power capacity calculator to get an idea of approximately what power capacity you need.

Click here for a description of how to modify your power capacity and the associated costs, including the cost of renewing your Electrical Installation Certificate.

What should I do if the PCS trips?

You should be aware that if your PCS trips, you will be without power if you try to use more power than your contracted capacity.

First, switch off the last electrical appliance you turned on that caused the PCS to trip. Next, push the Master Circuit Breaker down and wait a few seconds. Then push it back up and you should find that the supply is restored.

If you are still without power after resetting the master circuit breaker, contact your distributor to report a possible fault.