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Fake Endesa notifications

Fake Endesa notifications

Throughout the autumn of 2017, a series of fraudulent campaigns have been identified, maliciously using Endesa’s name. A number of these are phishing scams.
Whatever the method of deceit used, the aim of cyber criminals is always to obtain sensitive personal data for fraudulent purposes.

Phishing scams

Phishing is a type of online scam that can lead to fraud. It involves using the identity of an entity (a bank, a utility company, any company) by using elements of their corporate identity (falsifying their emails and websites).
The scams detected inform customers of an unpaid bill or a bill that has been paid twice. With this false information used in the presentation letter, you are then invited to add your bank card details.
All these emails are false, and they are sent from the following email addresses:
These addresses do not belong to Endesa. If you have fallen for this scam, you must immediately change your password for accessing the endesaclientes Private Area.
You must also inform your bank. If any suspicious amounts have been charged to your bank card, you must report this issue in your nearest police station and immediately send us the information of the reported offence (including the report number).
Below is an example of one of these phishing scams:

Fraudulent calls

We have also detected fraudsters that call customers claiming to be calling from our Customer Service department. The aim is to obtain personal details to then impersonate these customers and begin the process of changing power company.
If you have existing contracts with Endesa, but when you access your Private Customer Area, you are informed that there are no active contracts, please contact our Customer Service department.
If you have electricity and/or gas contracts with Endesa, please remember that the amounts charged to your bank for these services must include the description Endesa Energía S.A. or Endesa Energía XXI.

What should you do?

If in doubt, always visit the official Customer Service section on Endesa’s website:
We are already carrying out the relevant actions to combat these attacks and we will keep you informed of any relevant updates.