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How do I Contract Online?

How do I Contract Online?

Signing up for Endesa Electricity and Gas is very straightforward. We tell you what to do, step-by-step. We also recommend the best rate according to your needs and the capacity you ought to contract. We will take care of the entire process, without any additional costs and with no changes or interruptions to supply.
Your online contract in 3 steps:
1- Get information about our products and offers, and choose what best meets your needs.
2- Review the general and specific contract conditions.
3- Access and fill out the corresponding fields in the online sign up form.
Remember that with online electricity and gas contracting, you don’t need to send your signed contract, since the IP address and the date and time of sending are valid as authorisation for contracting (online contracting).
The Contract Form Explained Step-by-Step
1- Your personal information and contact details.
2- The information of the Community of Home Owners Property Manager (you should attach a copy of the power of attorney, or a written authorization from the Community of Home Owners that authorizes you to act as representative).
3- Supply Contract Information: This section of the form ought to indicate:
  • Name of current Marketing Company
  • CUPS number for the supply contract.
  • The capacity you should sign up for. If you want to contract the Restriction Rate.
  • You should indicate whether have the meter in your possession, and if you are the owner of the supply points. Remember that all supply points must belong to the same community and that they will be activated with the rate you've chosen.
          4.  Promotional Code: This field should be filled out if you have a
                                                     code because you're participating in some type of promotion.
Lastly, don't forget to accept the legal terms. 

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