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What is OKElectricity Businesses?

What is OKElectricity Businesses?

OKElectricity Businesses Assistance is a service for businesses that includes:
  • Urgent repairs of electricity, plumbing, locks and windows, 24h a day, 365 days a year, with 3 hours of labour and travel times free and a one year guarantee.
  • Non-emergency repairs: with assistance from the most trusted professionals in less than 24h. Includes travel times and budget estimates for free and a one year guarantee.
  • Information assistance by telephone for free, or in-person at a reduced price.
  • Legal evaluation that includes personalized and professional legal, financial and labour consultation for the resolution of legal matters and bureaucratic processes.
  • Personal assistance for the processing of reservations, administrative management of traffic and management of articles of incorporation, mortgages, last wills, etc.

The objective of the OKElectricity Businesses Assistance service is to help you ensure that your electrical installation is always OK.