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Privacy and data protection

A new European regulation (RGPD) promotes that Internet users are involved in the management of their personal data, granting them more power and more rights. Endesa makes it easy for you to modulate the data you share to your liking.

Endesa privacy and data protection


new European regulation (RGPD) promotes internet users being involved in managing their personal data.

At Endesa, we’ve been working for years to advise customers. Just like how we have worked so that you can understand your bill and control your energy consumption, now we want to make it easy for you to manage your data.

We’ve improved the way you have to modulate what you share with us, and we've done so while thinking about you. We want you to understand why we ask for that data and what we want it for.

If you give us permission, we’ll use your data to customise what we offer you, and thus avoid bothering you with what doesn't interest you

Personal data is any information that serves to identify you. At Endesa, we need to identify you to offer you the best customer service. But we also aspire to find services and products that exactly fit your needs. We don’t want to offer you what you don't need. We want to contact you only when we are sure that it will interest you.

Just as we’ve always done, we’ll always ask if you agree. At any time, you can change your mind and rectify.

Three aspects of the new regulation that are important

1. Free, informed and specific consent

You are free to modulate to your liking the permissions you grant us and those you don't. You’ll be able to change them at any time in your Customer Area.

You can also write an email to the following address:  

We ask for your permission to share your data for two different purposes:

  • To give advice and offer you tailor-made products and services from Endesa Energía or third parties related to energy, home services, mobility and financial services that meet your needs.
  • To share your personal data with other companies of the Endesa group and third parties in the abovementioned sectors with this same purpose.

Remember that Endesa Energía can contact you to offer you products and services relating to the energy sector. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive further communications.

2. Right to be forgotten

If you want us to erase your personal data, you just need to ask and, once we have no legal obligation to keep them, it will be done.

You can ask for it selecting "Suprression" in this form or writing an email to the following address:

3. Right to portability

If you want, we can send you a single file with all of the data we have saved about you.

You can do it selecting "Data portability" in this form or writing an email to the following address:

We will send it to you within a maximum period of 30 days.