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Main items on your bill

Main items on your bill


Power image

The power is part of the fixed amount you pay on your bill; it does not depend on your consumption.

It is very important that you adjust the contracted power to your needs, given that:

If you have a higher contracted power than you actually need, you will be paying more unnecessarily.

Contracting less power than you actually need will result in power supply interruptions.


Consumption image

This is the variable part that you pay on your bill and it depends on your consumption. That is, it is what you are billed for according to your meter reading.

I would like to know more about my meter reading.

  • If you have a smart meter installed integrated into the remote management systems, your reading is automatic and you will be billed per hour.

  • If you do not have a smart meter installed or it is not integrated into the remote management systems, your meter reading will be carried out by a technician from your distributer. If your meter is not available and the technician is not able to read the meter, he will leave a note so that you can provide your meter reading yourself.

Taxes and others

Taxes image

The total sum of your bill includes the following:

Taxes for electricity and general consumption (VAT or (IGIC - Canary Islands Indirect Special Taxation) established by the Government.

Costs: of renting the metering equipment: This is the sum that is paid for renting the meter. If you own this equipment, you shall not be charged for this item.

Other items: Depending on the specific bill or your contracted tariff, other items may be included for example, social rate, surcharges, contract rights, etc.

Bill summmary

Taxes image

We have already explained each of the items included in the total sum of your bill: The power, consumption, taxes and other items.

However, you can also see a breakwon of your bill.

Bill breakdownservicio
We tell you light bills step-by-step.

We realise that your bill may be difficult to understand, therefore we have provided a step-by-step instructions.

Como desplazarte por tu factura

You can scroll through your bill.

We remind you that your bill may correspond to a contract market or regulated free market. To find out, you just have to look right under the logo of your bill, who issued:

Endesa Energía SA, Open Market Electricity Bill.

View billservicio

Endesa Energía XXI, Regulated Market Electricity Bill.

View billservicio