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Consumer Arbitration System

Consumer Arbitration System

The Consumer Arbitration System is a route for the resolution of conflicts that allows the consumer and the business to resolve controversies without costs and without the need to go before the Ordinary Judicial Courts.
The Autonomous Communities with which Endesa currently has Extra Judicial Resolution agreements are Cataluña, Aragón and Andalucía
What claims can be resolved using the Consumer Arbitration System?
Conflicts arising from claims made on part of title holders of a supply contract related to gas, electricity and other products and/or services may go to arbitration so long as:
  • The discrepancy is under the scope of responsibility of the Marketing Company. That is to say, related to topics of contracting, billing and charging. Also included is all that related to customer service received.
  • If the claim has been previously presented to Endesa customer service department and no response has been received within a period of 1 month, or if the client is unsatisfied with Endesa's response.
  • The maximum amount of the claim will be €600
The following cannot be object of Consumer Arbitration:
  • Matters whose responsibility corresponds to Distributing Companies according to in force regulations. This is grid extension, concession of grid access, measure, reading, inspection and quality of supply including the continuity or interruption of the supply and possible damages cause by incidences in the electrical grid.
  • Questions about which a firm and definitive judicial resolution exist.
  • Questions in which, according to in force legislation, the Public Prosecutor ought to intervene.
  • The maximum amount of the claim exceeds €600.
If you wish, you can download a claim form.