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How can I find out if I can benefit from a tax reduction on the bills for my supplies?

You must check whether the first number in the heading of the Economic Activities Tax (in Spanish, Impuesto de Actividades Económicas [IAE]) corresponds to divisions 1, 2, 3 or 4*.
*1.- Energy and water, except in electrical energy production groupings / 2.- Extraction and processing of non-energetic minerals and derived products. Chemical industry / 3. - Metal processing industries: precision mechanics / 4.- Other manufacturing industries, that receive natural gas in industrial complexes, regardless of the purpose of the use. Natural gas used for useful thermal energy for exterior buildings not of an industrial nature is not considered industrial use (houses, hospitals, shopping centres).
Once this information has been confirmed , and if it corresponds to one of the aforementioned divisions, the new norm must be applied: Royal Decree 10/41/2013 of December 27th, which specifies that in order for your supply to be benefited by this tax reduction, you must obligatorily communicate this professional use to the Reseller Company.
You must then send a copy of the communication to the special taxes manager at the Spanish Taxation Office (AEAT) corresponding to the address where the installation is located in which the natural gas is consumed.

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