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What Capacity to Request


What Capacity to Request

Tue May 27 09:04:47 CEST 2014
What Capacity to Request
What capacity to request

When you contract electricity you should know what capacity you need. Remember that your bill is paid according to the capacity contracted and the energy consumed.

Therefore, please note:

Contract more capacity
Contracting more capacity than you need:

Will unduly increase the cost of your bill.

Contract less capacity
Contracting less capacity than you need for your equipment:

Can cause interruptions in supply and an additional cost due to subsequently needing to request a capacity increase.

At Endesa we can recommend the most suitable power taking into account the number of electrical appliances and devices you have and how you use them. We have designed the Endesa power calculator where you can enter the details of your home or business premises and we will recommend you the most suitable power.
Power calculator

In the case of doubts, we recommend that you request evaluation from an authorized installer who will assess all of your needs in detail.

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