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Manage Your Communities

Manage Your Communities

With this function, you can make a request to associate or dissociate your account with or from a community.

Associate a Community

To associate a community with your username, you must:
  • Fill out the form "Associate a Community" to your user.
  • Select the payment method you wish to use.
  • Attach the document authorising you to represent the community.
Once your request is completed, we will send you the request number by e-mail. Keep this number in case you need to make future transactions.
Once registered on the Online Office, a Property Manager will be able to see all the bills of the Home Owner’s Communities they manage, regardless of whether the Home Owner’s Communities have grouped payments or not.

The Property Manager will be able to link their user to as many communities as they wish, from those they manage, and at the same time will be able to include them in the grouped payment or move from grouped payment to being associated Home Owner's Communities.

Dissociate a Community

To dissociate a community from your username:
  • You will disable your access to a community you no longer manage.
  • Select the community or communities that you wish to dissociate and provide the telephone and e-mail of the current community president.
  • Confirm the information provided.
Once your request is completed we will send you the request number by e-mail. Keep this number in case you need to make future transactions.

Assign an alias to the community

In order to assign an alias to a community, you must:
  • Select the communities to be named with an "alias".
  • Choose the name to identify the communities selected
  • Confirm the information provided.

Create, consult or modify users

If you wish to authorise a user to manage the communities to be assigned to them. You can:

Create authorised users.

This is very simple, from the "create users" option.

  • Enter the personal information and the username that you wish to register.
  • Select the access type: full or partial.
  • Select the communities that the new user should have access to.
  • Confirm the data selected.

Consult authorized users:

  • You can carry out the inquiries needed regarding your authorized users.

Modify users:

  • With this option you can modify the information of authorized users, as well as your main information.