Manage Your Contracts

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Manage Your Contracts

At the Online Office you can manage the contracts associated with your Community.
Search Contracts
Through the Online Office in Contracts / Search Contracts you can:
  • Look for a certain contract, by contract number, personal tax ID number, or community "alias".
  • Search for groups of contracts (personal tax ID number, AF code, etc.).
If you want to view the bills, click on the Contracts button and a list with all the bills associated with the contract will be displayed.
Manage Your Contracts
Using the Contracts / Management option you can modify:
  • The correspondence address
  • The billing information
  • The technical information
If you wish, you can modify the information for more than one contract by filling out a single form.
Assign alias to contracts
This option allows you to assign a name to each contract associated to identify it easily. To do so, you must simply insert the name you want for each contract.
Consult AF code (Property Managers)
With the AF code, you can request grouping of bills to carry out a single, grouped payment. The process is very simple:
  • Select an AF code.
  • Click on accounts to consult your associated contracts.
  • A list of the contracts associated with the selected account is then displayed.
  • Lastly, we provide a list of your payment methods linked to the accounts associated with each.
Request new AF code (Property Managers)
Here you can enroll for a new AF code, for the payment of bills in the communities you manage. To do this:
  • Select payment by direct debit or otherwise
  • Select the accounts you want to add to the AF code.