New social rate for vulnerable customers

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New social rate for vulnerable customers

Wed May 28 13:00:02 UTC 2014

What is the Social Rate?

bono socialThe Social Rate is a discount established by the Government on the VPSC tariff, aimed at protecting households classed as vulnerable.

Since Royal Decree 897/2017 came into force in October 2017, the requirements for benefiting from the Social Rate have changed.


Who can benefit from the new Social Rate?

In order to benefit from the Social Rate, you must have the VPSC electricity tariff (with or without time restriction) and a contracted power equivalent to or below 10 kW in your usual residence.

In addition, you will need to fulfil certain requirements in order to be classed as a vulnerable customer, severely vulnerable or severely vulnerable customer at risk of social exclusion.


What are these requirements?

Vulnerable customers

Vulnerable customers (benefiting from a 25% discount on electricity bills) are considered to be anyone holding a VPSC contract that fulfil any of the following requirements.

Their total annual income is less than or equivalent to the following limits:

  • If you are not part of a family unit or there are no underage children in it: 1.5 times the IPREM* (Multiplier for the Public Income Index).
  • If there is a minor in the family unit: 2 times the IPREM*.
  • If there are two underage children in the family unit: 2.5 times the IPREM*.

*Annual IPREM 14 payments valid for 2017: 7,519.59 euros.


All these thresholds will be increased by 0.5 times the IPREM if a member of the family has a disability level above or equivalent to 33% or if they are a victim of domestic violence or terrorism.


Pensioners: the applicant (or if there is a family unit, all the members of the same) receive the minimum pension (through retirement or permanent disability).

Large families: all without exception.

Severely vulnerable customers

Customers are classed as severely vulnerable (discount of 40% on electricity bills):

  • Because of their income: those who meet the requirements to be considered vulnerable customers and also have income levels below 50% of the limits established for vulnerable customers.
  • Pensioners: all the members of a family unit are pensioners within the Social Security System, receiving a minimum pension (through retirement or permanent disability) and their annual income is less than or equivalent to 1 times the IPREM.
  • Large families: with an income equal to an amount below 2 times the IPREM.

Severely vulnerable customers at risk of social exclusion

This category includes severely vulnerable customers receiving assistance from social services from a regional or local Administration that finances at least 50% of the sum of their bill.


Limits on electricity consumption

Discounts of 25% and 40% of total electricity bills are subject to a limit on energy consumption which, when exceeded, the VPSC will be applied:

  • Pensioners: 1,680 kWh of electricity consumed per year.
  • Large families: 3,600 kWh per year.
  • Consumers without children: 1,200 kWh per year.
  • Consumers with one child: 1,680 kWh per year.
  • Consumers with two children: 2,040 kWh per year.

How to apply for the Social Rate

Firstly, get all the necessary documentation together. In any event, you will have to complete this form.

In case your current electric tariff is in the free market, and inr order to speed up the proccess, we reccomend you to send us also this other form authorizing you to switch to the regulated market (PVPC rate).

The following chart illustrates the documents required for each circumstance:


What documentation do I need to have
Where to find the documentation
Vulnerable / Severely vulnerable consumer
Where can you obtain the documentation
Social Rate Form completed and signed by the entire family unit.
Es obligatorio presentar este documento.
Photocopy of National Identification Document (DNI) or Foreigners' Identification Number (NIE) for the supply point account holder and for all members of the family unit (any member over 14 years old).
Es obligatorio presentar este documento.
Photocopy of the family record book or certificate of the individual page from the Civil Registry for each member of the family unit.
Only applicable to family units
  • Civil Registry
Individual municipal registration certificate for each member of the family unit or a joint certificate.
Es obligatorio presentar este documento.
  • Offices of Citizen Services
  • Town Councils
Photocopy of a valid large family card.
Only applicable to large families.
  • Offices of Citizen Services
  • Family Departments in Regional Social Services Offices
Social Services Certificate from the competent agency of from one designated by the autonomous Community, certifying Special Circumstances: disability level above or equivalent to 33%, victim of domestic violence or victim of terrorism.
Only applicable to Special Circumstances.
  • Department of Social Affairs
  • Base Centres of the Social Services Offices
To expedite your application, we recommend you to attach a photocopy of your last electricity invoice.


For supply points located in the Basque Country or Navarre it will be necessary to also provide the Income Tax Return Declaration or certificate of imputations of each of the members of the family unit.

Once you have all the documentation together, you can send it to us in one of the following ways:

  • Via our website, by clicking here.
  • Attaching it to an email addressed to
  • Sending it by post to Apartado de Correos nº1167, 41080 Sevilla.
  • Contacting us via the following phone number: 800 76 03 33.

You can also bring us your application to any of our commercial offices and service points. Once we verify the documentation that you send us, we will transfer your request to the Ministry of Energy, which will validate the fulfillment of the requirements to be a beneficiary of the social bonus, assigning the degree of vulnerability.

Within a period of approximately 15 days, we will inform you of their answer in the same way as you submitted your application.


What should people who already benefit from this Social Rate do?


If you had the previous Social Rate, you will need to renew it, since the criteria changed in October 2017.

You have until April 10, 2018 to prove that you meet the requirements. Until then you will continue to receive the Rate Subsidy.

If you have not provided evidence of meeting the new criteria by April 10, 2018 the VPSC tariff will be automatically applied without discounts.