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Penalties for non-compliance?

Penalties for non-compliance?

Yes, Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renewal Act 8/2013 of June 26th, establishes in its additional third and fourth provisions the infractions and penalties regarding building energy certification.

Minor infringements, with fines from €300 to €600, include:

  • Making public the sale or rental of properties without mentioning their energy efficiency rating.
  • Not showing the energy efficiency ticket in the instances for which it is obligatory.
Among serious infractions with fines of between €601 and €1,000 are included:
  • Property sale or rental in which the seller or renter fails to deliver the certificate of energy efficiency to the buyer or renter.
  • Failure to comply with presenting the certificate of energy efficiency before the competent body of the Autonomous Community for registration.
Very serious infractions with fines of between €1,001 and €6,000 would be, for example:
  • Falsify information in the issuance or registration of certificates of energy efficiency.
  • Publicize the rental or sale of properties with a rating not backed by the corresponding certificate.
  • Act as a certifying technician without gathering the legally required requisites.

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