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What is a Marketing Company?

What is a Marketing Company?

A Marketing Company purchases the energy from the Generating Company, pays the cost of its transport to the Distribution Company and sells the electricity to the final consumer.
As such, it is the Marketing Company from which you contract electricity, and the Marketing Company bills you and provides service for all changes, modifications and questions regarding your contract.
The consumer has the right to freely choose the Marketing Company that supplies their electricity. Changing to a different Marketer does not involve any change to your installation or interruption to supply.
In order to help you with your choice, we provide you with lists corresponding to Open Market Marketing Companies and Reference Marketing Companies.
Open Market Marketing Companies
You can sign up for electricity with a Marketing Company at a price freely agreed upon between the two parties. In the following, we give you a list with the Marketing Companies registered with the National Energy Commission (CNE).
Open Market Electricity Marketing Companies
[Asset Included(Id:1383145818529;Type:Image)]
Open Market Gas Marketing Companies
[Asset Included(Id:1383145818751;Type:Image)]
Reference Marketing Companies
Last Resort Marketing Companies will be known as Reference Marketing Companies to offer the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (VPSC).
The Reference Marketing Company also offers:
In the case of Endesa, the Reference Marketing Company is Endesa Energy XXI.
In the following, we give you a list of the currently existing Reference Marketing Companies:
Electricity Reference Marketing Companies
[Asset Included(Id:1383145819353;Type:Image)]
Gas Reference Marketing Companies
[Asset Included(Id:1383145820024;Type:Image)]

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