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How do I request the Rate Subsidy?

This is requested from your reference marketing company. Together with the request, you must deliver the documentation required by the Goverment in each case.
If you are not currently registered as an Endesa Energía XXI customer, you must complete the Change of Distributer Authorisation document and send it together with your application.
If you are already an Endesa customer and you meet the requirements, please complete the application and send it along with the relevant documentation via one of these channels:


What are the forms for the rate subsidy request?

In the following, we'll provide you links so that you can download the rate subsidy request form for pensioners, large families or the unemployed.
In each form, you'll find the documentation that must be provided and the necessary requirements, along with an affidavit form that you must hand in along with the request, for all cases.
Remember that if the supply in your habitual residence has a contracted capacity of less than 3 kW, the Rate Subsidy will be applied automatically.


Does the Rate Subsidy need to be renewed?

There is an exception for large families. Large families must renew the rate subsidy with the large family card is going to expire. In this case, the reference marketing company will send the customer a letter 60 days prior to expiration of the rate subsidy.


How do I apply for the rate subsidy?

The Rate Subsidy only applies to people whose supply is for the purpose of use in the usual home and who belong to one of the following groups:
Persons with contracted power of less than 3 kW in their usual home. The Rate Subsidy applies to them automatically.
Customers 60 years of age and up who receive a minimum pension.
Customers over 60 years of age who receive retirement or disability non-contribution pensions, as well as beneficiaries of the extinguished old age and disability statutory insurance.
In order to take advantage of the rate subsidy, it is necessary to have the VPSC (Voluntary Price for Small Consumers) rate and, as such, be a customer of a Reference Marketing Company.


When and how will the Rate Subsidy apply?

In this cases you should communicate any change that could result in loss of the right to receive the rate subsidy to your reference marketing company.
In the case of non-compliance with any of the requirements mentioned above without prior communication, a 10% charge will be applied to your next bill.


Can I take advantage of Open Market offers if I am receiving the Rate Subsidy?

No, you cannot take advantage of Open Market offers if you are receiving the Rate Subsidy.

The Rate Subsidy is not compatible with Open Market.


Can I change to a time restriction rate?

This change involves a modification to the measurement equipment (meter) at a cost of €9.04 as established in Order Orden ITC/3519/2009.