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Electronic Bill

What is an electronic bill?

An electronic bill contains the same information as a bill you receive on paper, but it s in a format that includes an electronic signature that guarantees the authenticity of the issuer and the integrity of its content.


What does the electronic billing service consist of?

Once the electronic billing service is activated, and keeping in mind the billing date, you will receive an e-mail to let you know that your bill is available.
In this email we will provide you with the date, the amount of your bill and the contract number. We will also include a link to check it without needing to access My Endesa.
If you have several contracts with the same billing date, you'll get all your information in a single notification.


Can I activate electronic billing at the time of contracting?

Yes, you must activate the electronic bill when signing up online


What is the Bill Availability Notice?

The notice of bill availability is a notification that will arrive to you via e-mail. You will receive it when Endesa bills you, according to your billing date. This notice groups all electronic bills from different contracts, generated on the same billing date.


How can I store the electronic bill on my computer?

You can file you electronic bill by going to the bill detail where the links Download PDF and Download XML appear.
Bear in mind that if you do not yet have the digital bill activated a Download PDF link will appear and you will download a bill that comes with a water mark and which has no fiscal validity.


Does my computer need to meet any requirements in order to be able to view my bills?

Your computer equipment does not need any special requirements in order to view your electronic bills. All you need is an internet connection to access My Endesa, and an email account at which to receive the email announcement that your bill is available.


What is the bill viewer for?

The viewer serves to open and view the fiscally valid bill that has been saved on your computer.

If you access your bills through "My Endesa", you'll need to have the viewer in the case that you want to download your bill in XML format.

The viewer is free and meets all technical and computer security requirements.


What are the differences between a paper bill and an electronic bill?

The only differences between the paper bill and the electronic bill is the format in which they are viewed and the speed of reception.

Your electronic bill contains the same information, billing date, etc. as a paper bill and has the same legal validity.

You can also see it in the same appearance as the paper bill, both at My Endesa and directly through the bill availability notification that you receive to your e-mail.


What are the advantages of electronic billing?

The electronic bill has various advantages:
  • Availability: We'll let you know when your bill's available and you can view it immediately.
  • Quick Access: You can access your bills quickly from your email.
  • Security: The digital signature guarantees the authenticity of the issuer and the integrity of the content.
  • Organisation: You'll save space in your home with fewer papers to store. You can file them on your computer or consult them through My Endesa.
  • Ecological Savings: Less paper means less environmental impact.


How much does it cost to register for electronic billing?

Signing up for the electronic bill won't cost you anything. It is a totally free service that Endesa offers to all of its customers.


What requirements do I need to meet to activate the electronic bill?

Electronic bill activation requires no specific requirement It is not necessary to be a registered user to activate this service. You can register through the option Activate Electronic Billing, and you can select between activating for a single contract or for all of your contracts. 


Is electronic billing safe?

Electronic billing is totally safe. The digital signature that forms part of the bill guarantees the authenticity of the issuer and the integrity of the content.
Endesa has an electronic certificate issued by the Agencia Notarial de Certificación SL, which allows you to add an advanced electronic signature to your bills.