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Speed Variations

Speed Variations

If your business has motors that run continuously or during many hours, especially in the case of variable load systems, such as ventilation and water pumps, you can save up to 50% on energy with a speed shifter.
Speed shifter systems are mechanical, hydraulic, electric or electronic devices employed to control the rotational speed of machinery, particularly motors.
Speed shifter systems offer various benefits, such as the elimination of energy losses due to throttling, output and friction. They also serve to extend the useful life of equipment and the installation.

Savings possibilities with a speed shifter:

  • Save on capacity or reactive power.
  • Savings in the selection of the motor.
  • Savings on maintenance, since the power transmission components (axes, pulleys, belts, gearboxes) and the machinery last longer.
  • Less down time translates into higher productivity.
  • Savings in installation time: The speed shifter incorporates all of the components necessary for complete motor management and its installation is very simple.
  • Savings in capacity or active energy: A motor connected to a speed shifter has capacity or active energy consumption similar to the mechanical capacity.