The present General Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between ENDESA, with corporate address in Madrid, Calle Ribera del Loira 60, and the My Endesa users that register for the Digital Invoicing Service. The user’s completion of all steps to register in this digital invoicing service implies their express, full and unreserved adhesion to each and every one of the present General Conditions of registering in the Digital Invoicing Service.


The purpose of the present General Conditions is to provide the ENDESA CUSTOMERS Digital Invoicing Service in favour of My Endesa users. Registering in this service will imply that, after the date on which said registration enters into force, the customer will no longer receive a paper copy of their bill via mail, as established in the following provisions.


2.1. Registering in the ENDESA CUSTOMERS Digital Invoicing Service will be voluntary and free for the customer. The customer will be able to withdraw its request at any time and return to the ordinary paper invoicing system, by notifying ENDESA through the My Endesa platform.

2.2. The invoices that ENDESA issues for the different services provided will be loaded on the ENDESA CUSTOMERS website in XML and PDF formats. The customer will be able to see them online in a format identical to the bills if they had been sent on paper to your home (PDF format).

2.3. The customers that register for this service will no longer receive the ordinary printed bill at their home.

2.4. In addition to displaying the bill on-screen and in detail, this service allows the user to download it to their personal computer. The digital invoice obtained in this way is based on using an electronic signature system that allows guaranteeing the authenticity of its origin and the integrity of its content, under the terms that are included in the Ministerial Order EHA/962/2007 (Official Gazette of 14 April 2007). ENDESA obtained an authorised electronic certificate issued by ANCERT, which authorises it to incorporate the electronic signature on its bills.

2.5. The ENDESA CUSTOMERS Digital Invoicing Service will be implemented through a system of sending e-mail messages that will notify registered customers that the bills for the different services contracted are available for consultation via ENDESA CUSTOMERS at My Endesa.

2.6. In any case, it will be the user’s responsibility to notify ENDESA of any change to the e-mail address where it wishes to receive notifications. If the user does not receive this notification, either due to an error in the e-mail address provided to ENDESA, or due to any other reason, it will not imply that the Digital Invoicing Service will no longer be provided, as long as the user is still registered, and their request has not been withdrawn.


3.1. Registering for this service will be carried out through My Endesa (, where once the user has been verified with their username and personal secret password, this Digital Invoicing Service may be contracted, as per the following General Conditions.

3.2. When the user is the owner of several contracts or has contracted different services provided by ENDESA that generate several bills, registration for the Digital Invoicing Service will apply to the group of contracts selected by the customer and are linked to the same NIF/CIF. This registration will only affect the part of the invoice that was issued and sent to the customer on a paper copy.


4.1. The user will be understood to provide their consent to be registered in the ENDESA CUSTOMERS Digital Invoicing Service from the moment they send their approval with the properly filled out form on this website. From that time, the user accepts and fully complies with all of the General Conditions that are listed in the present text.


5.1. ENDESA acquires the following commitments in the relationship that it establishes with the customer that registers for the ENDESA CUSTOMER Digital Invoicing Service.

5.1.a). Via ENDESA CUSTOMERS, it will send an e-mail to the addresses provided by users that are registered for the service. The message that users of this service will receive in their inbox will notify them that their bill, with its corresponding details, is available at My Endesa “” for consultation, and if applicable, it can be printed at home.

5.1.b). If the computer systems detect that a sent e-mail has not been received correctly, this e-mail will be resent. In any case, the possibility of consulting the Digital Invoice at My Endesa via “” is not conditioned to sending and receiving the notification message, which is only for notification purposes, and it is the customer’s responsibility to duly update their e-mail address.

5.2. ENDESA guarantees the security and confidentiality of this correspondence, given that:

5.2.a). No type of information related to your bill will appear in the notification message sent via e-mail, except for the date of issue, reference identification number of your contract and the amount.

5.2.b). When the customer enters My Endesa via the website, they will be asked to verify themselves by validating their username and password, which will be unique for each customer and disclosed to users confidentially.

5.2.c). In addition, the customer will, at all times, be able to change their username through this function offered at My Endesa.


6.1. The customer acquires the following commitments when registering in the ENDESA CUSTOMERS Digital Invoicing Service:

6.1.a). To correctly, truthfully and precisely fill out the application forms and their fields according to the instructions that My Endesa provides in this regard at “”

6.1.b). Communicate quickly through the procedures that My Endesa has established at “,” the changes that may occur to the e-mail address(es) for notification purposes.

6.1.c). Fill out all fields of the form, unless otherwise instructed. Otherwise, ENDESA does not guarantee the provision of all services that it offers through My Endesa, especially the commitment to send notification to the e-mail address, in the event it has not been properly provided.


7.1. The customer guarantees and is responsible for, in any case, the veracity, exactness, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided through the ENDESA CUSTOMERS application forms


8.1. Compliance with the provisions set forth in the Organic Law of Personal Data Protection (LO15/1999), the customer is hereby informed and provides its consent for the processing of the personal data as a result of contracting this service in accordance with the conditions established in the Privacy Policy section.