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Always keep your gas installation and equipment OK.


50% discount first year if you contract online

5,74 €/month (VAT included) 11,47 €

Inspection and repair of the gas system, boiler and heating circuit

  • Initial diagnosis.

  • Annual revisions.

  • Unlimited repairs.

  • Cost of the IPO (compulsory periodic inspection) for the gas installation included in the price.

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OKGas includes the following services:

  • Revision

    Revision of the good condition of your installation and equipment.

  • Free phone

    900 85 86 85
    24 hour attention 365 days.

  • Repairs

    In less than 3 hours.

  • Displacement

    Displacement and 3 hours of manpower per repair included.

What is OKGas?

OKGas is the maintenance and repair service for Endesa gas and boiler installations.

What does OKGas include?

The service includes an initial diagnosis of your gas installation and heating system (boiler, hydraulic circuit and radiators), an annual review to anticipate possible breakdowns that may increase your energy consumption. OKGas keeps the installation secure, extends the life of the equipment and reduces the breakdowns to 1/3, optimizing the consumption of gas and, consequently, the amount of your invoice.

Whenever you have any incident, you can contact OKGas Technical Service and a technician will visit your home in less than 3 hours to repair the breakdown (displacement and the first 3 hours of labour are free). OKGas's customers have a free phone to request assistance, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: 900 85 86 85. The amount of repairs is unlimited.

OKGas must comply with the current regulations regarding gas installations (R.D. 919/2006) and thermal installations in buildings (R.D. 1027/2007) which require by law a revision of the gas installation and equipment every two years. Furthermore, the OKGas service includes the cost of compulsory periodic inspection of the required gas installation every 5 years, as long as the gas is contracted with Endesa Energía.

Why am I interested in contracting OKGas?

Other services only cover the boiler and not the gas installation, or only cover the maintenance and not the repairs. OKGas takes care of everything.

OKGas covers the cost of compulsory periodic inspection, valued at approximately €60.

You can pay OKGas in comfortable instalments on the gas bill and with a 50% discount during the first year.

You have a professional from the Endesa network, backed by rigorous quality controls, who will repair the breakdowns that occur, as well as flexibility when arranging the visit. Furthermore, the amount of repairs is unlimited.

This avoids any cost for displacement and the first 3 hours of labour per intervention (the Customer is in charge of parts, in case a repair of the gas installation or the heating equipment-boiler, hydraulic circuit and radiators-) is necessary. In rare circumstances, where the repair time exceeds 3 hours, we commit to deliver a free pre-budget.

What makes an annual inspection of your household gas facility necessary?

Inspections of the installations mainly prevent possible gas leaks that affect the security of the inhabitants of the dwelling and, in addition, would mean an increase in the consumption of energy and the amount of your gas bills.

What is the annual revision?

The technical visit takes place:

  • Revision of all the elements of the installation (keys, fasteners, pipes, nozzles, ventilation,...).
  • Adjustments necessary to ensure the safety of the system and to reduce the gas consumption, breakdowns or future failures of the equipment to the maximum.
  • Check the water tightness of the gas system.
  • Check and adjust the operation of the equipment.
  • Combustion analysis and delivery of the result.
  • The compulsory periodic inspection of the gas system.
  • Mandatory review by RITE.

What is the hydraulic heating circuit and why is it necessary to revise it and contemplate repairs?

The heating circuit is the system of hot water pipes leading from the boiler to each of the radiators. The most common faults are: the pump that drives the circulation of the water, the safety valve, the pressure of the circuit, the smoke outlet of the boiler, the temperature probe that checks if the water is hot or the valves of the radiators.

How does Endesa monitor the quality of service?

An exhaustive control of compliance with the quality criteria is carried out, as well as the established service deadlines. In addition, random calls are made regarding the operations carried out, as well as satisfaction surveys, in which Customers regularly give excellent scores above 8 out of 10 points.

How long does the OKGas discount last?

The 50% discount (when contracting online) on the service fee lasts one year from the contract start date.

How long does the OKGas contract last?

The contract duration is one year and is automatically extended each year. However, both the Client and Endesa will be able to terminate the contract through written communication with a minimum of one month’s notice before the date of expiration.

How can I subscribe to the service?

Subscribing to OKGas is very simple. Once you fill out the contract form, the contract will enter into force almost immediately. If the contract was concluded along with the gas supply, the contract of the OKGas service will not be active until the gas contract is activated after being accepted by the distributor company (approximate period of less than 1 month).

How is the OKGas service billed?

If you have also contracted the gas supply at Endesa Energía, the OKGas service will be charged monthly or bimonthly on the gas bill, depending on its billing cycle.

Which ‘Endesa OK’ service is right for me?

  • OKLuz Assist: choose this if you have an electricity contract for your home and you would like a repair and handyman service for your electrical system as well as a repair service for your major electrical appliances and electric hot-water heater.
  • OKLuz Confort: choose this if you have an electricity contract for your home and you would like a maintenance, repair and handyman service for your electrical and air conditioning system as well as a repair service for your major electrical appliances and electric hot-water heater.
  • OKGas: choose this if you have a boiler at home and you would like a maintenance and repair service of the gas, boiler and heating circuit installations.
  • OKGas Calentador: Choose this if you have a heater and want a maintenance and repair service for your gas installation and heater.

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General conditions

By subscribing to this new contract you accept the start of the service contracted during the cancellation period.