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One Gas + OKGas

ONE GAS + OK GAS Sign up for this rate and you'll start to enjoy all the advantages:

The Endesa One Rate is a new way of understanding your energy contract. You can do everything you need over the internet, at a price that is always competitive.

  • A tariff with which you will always have a competitive price, not just in the first year.
  • A tariff with 100% online customer service that enables you to manage your electricity and gas contracts through Endesa's Online Office easily and 24 hours per day. You can also consult your contracts through the Endesa app.
  • You'll receive your bills by e-mail as soon as they are available, with the date, the amount and a direct access to the detail of your bill in PDF format.
  • No permanency commitment, you decide on the rate most suited to your requirements at any time.
  • A rate with which you contract only what you need, with no obligation to contract an additional service but with the possibility to do so if you need to.
  • A rate for everyone: new and current customers.

Price with indefinite 10% discount in the fixed term:

  Price without discount One Price
Capacity Term
€3.503619/kW month
€3.153257/kW month
Energy Term €0.124107/kWh €0.124107/kWh


Select the maintenance product you wish to sign up for:




2.0A access rate. One Price with discount included.

(1) Electricity: Save by calculating for a contracted capacity of 4.45 kW and an annual consumption of 4,050 kWh. This price is compared with €3.503619/kW per month of capacity term and €0.1448/kWh of energy term. Includes electricity tax and VAT and does not include renting of meter equipment.