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Air your home without wasting energy

It’s advisable to open all the windows at the same time, for no longer than 10 minutes.

A well-aired home is essential for our comfort. Its purpose is not only to prevent excessive humidity, but also to eliminate pollutants such as radon gas, mites or an excessive concentration of carbon dioxide, which may be damaging to our health. But how can we do it without wasting energy?
The best method is to air the home for no longer than 10 minutes, so the minimum amount of heat is lost. In this way, no great thermal losses will occur. It’s advisable to open the windows of all the rooms in the house at the same time, leaving the doors to the rooms open. Of course, the radiators should be turned off. The draught caused will enable a total renewal of the air in a very short time, preventing the walls from cooling down, as heating them up again would mean extra power consumption.
Put these measures into practice and you’ll see how your efficiency increases and your bill diminishes. If you want to check, use Endesa’s free information and advice service infoEnergía, where you can verify and compare your energy efficiency.